Blogging Feminine on FB – Septembre 2015

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FB Chronik 18.September 2015

Performance Review:

When I (in 2001 and 2002) developed ‘Performative Action’ as an art project in the streets, trains, buildings and metro stations of Liverpool/ Merseyside and London, I would never have dared to dream of the kind and size of ‘Performative Action’ I’m now experiencing in Berlin – with that raising help for refugees by such a number of extraordinary ordinary citizens!

This movement and energy, i.e. this specific liveliness and life-power from the public, is so huge.

And the best about it is: it is all not even directed! It is all not even a piece of art…- but sheer reality, sheer realized potentiality…

…’cause people have learnt to direct THEMSELVES… They have just come to understand THEY own the power – and the chancellor and the politicians now have to follow…

Best show ever. Extraordinary thrilling. Makes me truly happy.
Thank you so much!

Simone Leona Hueber, actress & performance artist, Berlin


FB Chronik 13.September 2015

All sweets lay in the ‘letting go’ – at least for those who did make an effort to build on sth… 😉

(SLH on Magnetic Power/ RCB)

FB Chronik 7.September 2015

…Imagination in power…

Spending another day today on the island here, I was sitting on the particular spot that presents itself as closest to the Turkish boarder…

Nowhere else in Greece maybe can you feel the Turkish land so near. And it’s such a beautiful scenery to look at! The Greek and the Turkish side in that particular spot felt like they were melting into a whole, into ‘a one’… And looking at this beautiful unison, I caught myself with a feeling of sadness about the fact that in the culture and time I live in, the unity in front of my eyes had to be ‘mentally’ divided into 2 pieces and as a result, there is now a ‘boarder in people’s head’ which is absolutely not mirrored by nature! Looking at the area from that spot, it just didn’t make sense to me to even think of a boarder. The vision in front of my eyes suggested unison, not boarders! And besides, in ancient times there were no boarders – at least not here!

So, sitting on that particular corner of the island, I reflected on how odd I find human beings’ needs to create boarders at all…

I know, I know – it’s been like that since the ‘beginning of times’, since we can think – at least that’s what we’ve all been taught…Different cultures and systems of powers have always been in the need of creating boarders… Bladibladibla.

But just as a thought: what if this would all change now? – What if the present flow of immigrants and the ‘mixing and melting’ of cultures is so damm successful that we can start to gradually think of a ‘universal culture’ that incorporates and is built out of many different cultures – under the ‘roof of the sky’ so to speak!…

Imagine there would no longer be boarders needed or power-systems that constantly have to fight for and defend boarders and/ or build new ones…

The cultures in the ‘one land’ (not ‘one world’ as suggested by Western capitalist culture) would feel so abundant, because human beings could now enjoy the sweets of their own culture as much as the differences and beauty of other cultures and ‘flavours’ of human existence.

And as much as feeling nourished by the differences, people and cultures would reach a further state of bliss when acknowledging the commonalities all human beings share! – People would finally (and maybe for the first time in history…) start to see the universal part of human nature. In having incorporated both, the sense of differing as well as the sense of belonging to a ‘bigger whole’, (something that is higher than any culturally defined boarder)… we would maybe slowly start getting a grip of who we really are and how little we use our actual potential as human beings when setting cultural limits and boarders…

At this point the latest, I think, it would become very interesting for all of us, because it would definitely be the point when we would realise that we have just evolved into an entirely new dimension of existence… What a joy!

And if you ask me – this imagination is absolutely possible to be realised.
I got the proof today: Nature presented itself so stoical – no need of boarders whatsoever!

It’s just our way to think and feel we’d have to change first.

Feel the whole, feel your connection to the whole – then relax and surrender.

And you’ll discover the power from ‘the other side’ of thought.


FB Chronik 4.September 2015

Das Europa der Eliten versagt.
Das Europa des Volkes erstarkt: Aufstand der ‘freiwilligen Helfer’!

‘Das Hetzen und das Ertrinkenlassen ist plötzlich nicht mehr cool. ‘
(Zitat aus Die Zeit Online: ‚Flüchtlinge: Die zwei Realitäten Europas‘ vom 4.September 2015)


FB Chronik 4.September 2015

Die Vielgestaltigkeit und Fülle der Erfahrung im weiblich-somatischen Feld schwindet mit dem Versuch, sie mit der verbalen Sprache festzuhalten…

Ganzheit lässt sich eben nur im Denken sezieren, nicht im SEIN.


FB Chronik 4.September 2015

Nicht die ‘Insel’ (oder mein ‘Gegenüber’/ die ‘Projektion’) ist das Wunder, sondern die Entspannung, die ich durch die ‘Insel’ (mein ‘Gegenüber’/ die ‘Projektion’) erlebe.

Und die Entspannung wiederum, das Loslassen auf tiefster struktureller Ebene, führt in die ‘nächste’ Dimension des Selbst hinein. Sie ist das Tor der Magie und des ‚Magnetismus‘ – und als solches die Basis des weiblich-somatischen Prinzips, welches da anfängt, wo die verbale Sprache aufhört…- und von da aus ein Kraftpotential unvorstellbarer Grösse verkörpert…


FB Chronik 2.September 2015

What a gift (could it be) – what a luxury in nowadays time – to eat every day in a place where the food I eat actually comes from the soil my table is standing on – and maybe the soil I caressed today…

(SLH on Magnetic Power/ RCIK)

FB Chronik 1.September 2015:

A warm welcome by and real contacts with people from the host nation creates another future and reality with and for refugees than hostility and isolation… We’ve got the opportunity to actively create tomorrow’s world and reality now!… Let’s start today!


FB Chronik 1.September 2015

Kann ich erleben und gleichzeitig betrachten – oder schliesst das eine das andere aus?…


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