Blogging Feminine on FB – February 2016

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FB Chronik 29. Februar 2016

Happy Feb 29th everyone! 🙂

Today is the ‘proof-day’ that a solely ‘solar’-based perception, interpretation and organisation of the world and our existence will always be incomplete. Only in the interplay with the ‘lunar’ element we – as human beings – will ever find completion.

(SLH/ RCIk 2016)


FB Chronik 23. Februar 2016

Don’t you worry, routine also has the potential to be a ‘route in’.

(SLH/ RCIk 2016)


FB Chronik 21. Februar 2016

The Somatic and the Rational

‘Somatic brain’ loves repetitions – and nourishes them to evoke power.
‘Logic brain’ hates repetitions – and reduces them to evoke power.

So how then can we ever be able to describe and express the ‘Somatic-Magnetic’ in words – other than repeating ourselves over and over again?

And if we did repeat ourselves over and over again – would you then eventually (and after having switched off your ‘logic brain’) get a sense and experience of what I and we are talking about?

And if you would – would this at all change worlds? Would it at least change yours? And if it did, would we thus be one?

Let’s give it a try. Let me repeat it for you – over and over again – and keep it circling round and round – until you reach ‘magnetic’ ground.

I’m keeping it all up for you – the repeating, the circling, the dancing… Although, my head still hurts when asked to explain.

(SLH/ RCIk 2016)


FB Chronik 14. Februar 2016

Es hat heute irgendwie den ganzen Tag lang nur so ‘ge-stern-schnuppert‘…

Die Seele fuhr auf. Die mir vertraute Raum-Zeit-Dimension bröckelte. Und tiefe Dankbarkeit rührte mein Sein.

(SLH – RCB 2016)


FB Chronik 8. Februar 2016

In the use of your true powers there is so much peace!

(SLH – RCB 2016)


FB Chronik 5. Februar 2016

Wenn sich Angst in unser Bewusstsein schleicht, gilt es sicherzustellen, dass wir nicht Angst vor der Angst haben… Nur so können wir die Angst auch begrüssen und integrieren – und vielleicht nach und nach erahnen, wer wir sind und woher wir kommen.

If fear is entering our mind we’re better off making sure that we are not in fear of fear. Only this way we are able to accept and integrate the fear that is frequently popping up… inviting us to learn who we are and where we come from…

(SLH/ RCIk 2016)


FB Chronik 4. Februar 2016

Healing is always a ‘two way action’ between the healer and the person in reception of a healing.

(SLH – RCIk, 28Jan2016)


FB Chronik 4. Februar 2016

Im ‘magnetischen Raum’ gilt das Prinzip der ‘Heilung dem Heiler’.
Und da, wo wir uns von der Projektion lösen, beginnt die eigentliche Meisterschaft im ‘weiblich-somatischen’/ ‘magnetischen’ Feld.

(SLH – RCIk, 28Jan2016)

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