Blogging Feminine on FB: June 2017

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FB Chronik 22. Juni 2017

Crazy, how fine the line between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, between ‘sound’ and ‘song’ sometimes is!

And how happy I am when catching that specific tune!



FB Chronik 21. Juni 2017

‘Flow’ is contagious…
And so is love. And so is laughter!

And all we need for it – the ‘flow’, the love, the laughter – is the courage to step into what we may think at first sight is nothing but a big endless NOTHING.

But once we are ‘there’ – the curtains raise and we know WE ARE there – at the point we’ve always been wanting to arrive.

Because HERE is the ‘flow’. HERE is the love. HERE is the laughter.

In the moment we courageously let go and surrender into what we fear could be NOTHING to no end, we are instantly embraced – by the flow, the love, the laughter. And we learn that we are always save – before the fear, within the fear and after.



FB Chronik 20. Juni 2017

Flow is contagious…
And so is love. And so is laughter!



FB Chronik 19. Juni 2017

Too many working too hard for too many consuming what those many working too hard produce.

No space for NOTHING.
Not even one single clear thought.
Not even one single clear in- and outbreath.

Not even for peace.
Nor happiness.

Though they are so many!

Beautiful human being,

Why not stopping that cycle for an extended moment – and feel?

Then breathe.

Then see.



FB Chronik 16. Juni 2017

Wir Menschen sind von einer viel komplexeren, vielschichtigeren, sanfteren und reineren Natur, als die Geschichtsbücher oder die gegenwärtige Politik uns beschreiben.



FB Chronik 12. Juni 2017

Wenn es jetzt plötzlich allen Menschen – oder nur schon einigen – so erginge, dass das NICHTS für sie arbeitet, wenn sie nichts arbeiten, dann lässt sich doch daraus schliessen, dass die von der Effizienz Idee getriebene Gesellschaft von Grund auf etwas falsch macht… Und es sich lohnen würde, die Quellen unserer (Kreativ-) Kräfte nochmals etwas genauer zu studieren…



FB Chronik 12. Juni 2017

Am Ende Deines Lebens geht es nicht darum, was Du ‘gemacht’ hast, sondern was Du gelebt, erlebt und vorgelebt hast. Und wer im Herzen Du warst und bist.



FB Chronik 12. Juni 2017

‘The angels must be so crazy about me, so much in love with me!’ a very happy beloved one expressed himself recently when speaking about a funny miracle/ synchronicity that had happened to him so favourably.

I had to smirk.

Of course ‘angels’ (or ‘the EVERYTHING in NOTHING’) are truly crazy about us, so madly in love with us, so giving to us.

If only we noticed.



FB Chronik 11. Juni 2017

If we really do want to enter the mysterious realms of the Somatic-Feminine (as opposed to keep creating and acting barely out of the Logic-Rational), we have to become aware and honour literally every footstep we make on planet earth and every gift we get from such nature in return.

And this can all be done in silence.

To truly reconnect, we don’t have to shout out loud.



FB Chronik 6. Juni 2017

Es geht darum, die richtungsweisende Dimension von Emotionen zu erkennen, statt die dramatische. Denn das Drama hat nie eine Richtung ausser sich selbst.



FB Chronik, 2. Juni 2017

I have to let go of you, so to let in the full of me.

For to embrace the full of you, helping you to spread your wings.



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