Blogging Feminine on FB – 2020: Lunar blogging and ’embodied writing’ finding a speechless end in Lockdown times – for to immerse and eventually be reborn in an exciting NOVEL project on the awakening of the magic lunar Self in 2021.

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….. SPEECHLESSNESS… LUNAR LANGUAGE going SILENT AGAIN…. (my apologies to all those loving my ‘lunar texts’… something even better will come out of my present lunar SPEECHLESSNESS & SILENCE – just wait! ;))


FB Chronik, 31. Dezember 2020

The year 2020 in Europe is finding now in these hours its very end. The weather here on magic island has changed again – unexpectedly – as if illustrating again in the very last minutes the unpredictable nature of the passing year. And of life itself.

Deep gratitude sits inside my heart while exposing my face to the wind!

Was this not ALSO an AMAZING YEAR?!

Interesting: Almost everyone I‘m talking to about the passing year these days tells me that they also feel very nurtured by the year we‘ve all gone through. And that even in times of big loss & NOTHINGNESS, heart-filling & soul-touching experiences of ABUNDANCE, CONNECTION, MAGIC & LOVE were made.

Is this not interesting?!!

Like many of you that I had been connecting with & talking to in the past days & hours, I, too, feel so deeply grateful for all and everything of that (of course at times also challenging) year 2020 – that NOW hopefully helps us see much closer into what we want to be, what we are here to be… and what we are most likely going to be if we don‘t radically WAKE UP from the destructive dream we had been indulging in for far too long – and NOW CHANGE! To the much better! To the much more connected & loving way to be. Even when in pain. Even when in fear. Even when facing a great loss – or our own death. Unconditional love is what counts at the end of the day. And our capibility to connect within such love that doesn’t know (solar) condition.

I wish that we are all on the way to find that love. To somatically feel the difference when LOVE indeed comes without condition. And invites us to just open our heart. Making us feel save.

So we all can heal. With the help of each other. Who really mean ‚IT‘. The magical, unconditional ‚LOVE-IN-NOTHING‘ that is able to move mountains (and create pyramids).

In this sense I wish you all A HAPPY, HEALTHY & GROUNDBREAKING 2021!

And that we learn to FEEL what it actually IS we embody. If it’s magic & medicine. Or if it’s poison.

Let‘s all go (more) ‚LUNAR‘ now! With lots of love and joy! In this very moment. Breathing in. And breathing out.

FB Chronik, 31. Dezember 2020

Then it was FULL.. guiding me the way down South!

Καλή Παραμονή Πρωτοχρονιάς σε όλους σας!

Enjoy every breath of this last day of 2020.

The lunar energies are so high at the moment as we have never experienced them before.

Just surrender into them – and you‘ll be guided. You‘ll be save!

FB Chronik, 29. Dezember 2020

Almost full this amazing moon that is going to reach its fullest full tomorrow – keeping me awake for days. Even when asleep!

FB Chronik, 29. Dezember 2020

Another day of fully immersing into the island’s transformative MAGIC-MAGNETIC NOTHINGNESS & LUNAR REALM of deep inner wisdom comes to an end… And I do feel so much beyond grateful… that I find it hard to describe such soul-gate-opening experience in words… Which is why I now just dance – dance myself into the embrace of the mountains‘ magical spirits, breathing in the sounds of the goat-bells, breathing in the wind touching my skin cells…. for then to die and let go of all I am and have been. With each and every breathing out. So the MAGIC NEW can begin. In the next breathing in. That I would like to share.

With you.

For whom I now begin my dance and dancing.

FB Chronik, 25. Dezember 2020

Today on Xmas Day nature is rougher again… That makes my unconditional love for ‚HER-in-NOTHING‘ even softer…

FB Chronik, 21. Dezember 2020

We see it!!!!! We see the ‚Bethlehem star‘ – i.e the conjunction between Saturn (Knosos) & Jupiter (Zeus)!!! Including the ‚shrine‘!! What an exciting day and solstice this is!!

FB Chronik, 21. Dezember 2020

Happy winter solstice everyone! Let‘s all get together in silence for lunar magic, preancient wisdom, our mother earth & the stars to speak! To us. With each day that is getting longer now. Again. For us to tune our listening. So lunar magic can be (re-)born. Through all of us. NOW. Eine schöne Rauhe Nächte Zeit! Euch allen.

FB Chronik, 21.Dezember 2020

Walking deep into the island‘s magic today… hearing ‚HER‘ whispers speak… also through my most beautiful ‚island mystery guide‘ E.P. and the space we opened TOGETHER when just walking into TIPOTA, the unknown and the ‚let‘s just see‘… It‘s always in those moments when the magic pearls unfold… I feel so deeply grateful. Thank you E.P mou for this beautiful co-creation!

And happy Solstice to everyone! I‘m sure there is even more magic to unfold tonight – even if we cannot see it, but feel! TOGETHER we UNITE in THE ONE and ONLY. The magical ‘It’ in NOTHING and each ‘THING’.

FB Chronik, 19. Dezember 2020

I’ve never ever experienced a moon that is only a crescent, but so powerful as the one we see now. There is so much energy coming through now. And I‘m sure this ‚energetic download’ is not just to be experienced here on magic NOTHINGNESS island – but everywhere in the world. So we humans finally learn what it means to surrender – and to deeply give in – for the magic NEW to be born & begin.

FB Chronik, 12. Dezember 2020


What are the energies & frequencies you are receiving today?

Pause for a moment today and feel – beyond your thoughts & thinking! Just breathe and observe!

And feel your heart! Beat.

How does it feel?

And how would you like it to feel?

Can you make your likes expand?

Memories of what you liked?

So these energies spread – and we, too, can feel?

YOU! Your magnificent, loving YOU!

FB Chronik, 9. Dezember 2020

lockdown in greece to be continued for another week… car-writing to be continued for another week. hairdresser still urgently needed.

FB Chronik, 3. Dezember 2020

Retreating to my winter NOTHINGNESS in the North again… It‘s already the 6th winter-experience here on magic island… And at the moment still warm and sunny… The nature is loud as usual here on this side… And memories come back from previous NOTHINGNESS experiences here… And how the role of the ‚woman-in-NOTHING‘ of Sir Harrison Birtwistle‘s work ‚The Woman And The Hare‘ so miraculously came to my NOTHINGNESS here on this balcony, end of 2017 … which I then played in February 2018 in Hannover.. and last year in London, Birmingham & Hamburg.. And out of that, new work & inter-connection unfolded… Until this year‘s radical theatre lockdown destroyed it all… So I‘m in a new NOTHINGNESS again, i.e at another point of my deeply abundant NOTHINGNESS experience – and ‚SPIRA‘. Deeply grateful I’m now entering this other (even more silent) chapter and month – surrendering to the story that kindly, but steadily asks to be written down… So I have to let it BE. Have to let it in. And let it speak. It‘s language.

Om Namah Shivaya.

FB Chronik, 1. Dezember 2020

καλό μήνα σε όλους!

Let‘s make the best of the last month of this very special year – 2020!

Let‘s finally quit our fear & inner confinement, connect instead with the beauty, purity, strength & health of mother nature – and let‘s finally think of people IN REAL NEED again.

And more importantly: LET‘S HELP!!

EACH OTHER. Accepting that we will all have to die in the end.

So the daily morning question of this month for you might be: How can YOU help TODAY – how can YOU be of help – to make this world a better place? And with whom would you like to connect to make a HEART-WARMING for at least one other person possible. Whose BEING & GROWTH do you support with kind, encouraging words – and who do you help & support with the money you‘re lucky to (still) have?

FB Chronik, 20. November 2020

Those closer to me know about the magic presently unfolding in my life, here on the island… out of NOTHING – out of me having lost again all my acting and somatic facilitation work this year due to this seemingly never ending locking down of the (somatic) arts.

Like I teach it: I decided to accept & embrace this new NOTHINGNESS situation in my life. And from that moment onwards – it was August – a very special NEW faded into my life.

It’s a deeply wonderful story-in-NOTHING that urges me now to sit down and write. To listen to it – and somehow bring it down on paper. Or at least onto my computer screen. Even though I’m not a writer by birthright, nor an English native speaker, nor can I sit down at a computer for more than 2 hours a day since the accident in 2014… However, it seems that the story doesn’t mind all that… It simply wants to be heard and embraced. So it can come out. And with each day I’m doing that, I’m simply speechless about its size, its shape and its interconnected nature…. I won’t give yet anything away about this amazing story and the characters involved. However, today I was asked by the story to describe a theatrical situation in London during these lockdown times… And this here is what came out. Take it as a sketch please! The lines will go through many more corrections….:

‘This is how governments in the world now change the arts, in their dangerous – in parts even unconscious – attempt to destroy the spirits of magic. The mystery of the Lunar Feminine. The Dionysian. The abundant. And of life as such. Dangerously demonizing the magic of touch, deeper physical bonding and connecting. Demonizing and devaluing the ownership of an individual’s felt perception while centralizing the ownership of truth to an outer government. Far away from the individual’s felt perception and inner sense of rightness. Locking up (caging up) Aphrodite’s powers in a house of fear. With the money of the rich providing the safety locks.

In our fear of loosing control over a specific outcome, we cannot touch the grail of freedom.

In our fear of loosing control, we cannot help magic to unfold its powerful wings, surprising us with an unexpected magical outcome and blessing.

In fear the orchestration of our abundant human potential appears dangerously limited.

And we will die. Without having experienced our existence beyond our fears. Without having experienced that we are more than what our fears had predicted.’

(SLH, C-Nov20th2020)

FB Chronik, 11. November 2020

11.11.2020 11.11am – enjoying the wild waves of the NOTHINGNESS island‘s Northern coast… Still immersing with the land… listening to its whispers speak…

FB Chronik, 8. November 2020

I can‘t express in words how sad and heart-broken I feel not to be able to work in my key art this year – and to have lost what I had started to rebuild since 2018… i.e since 2015. On the other hand, there are so many unexpected gifts coming in this year – like from ‚another frequency‘, like guided by Athena‘s hand – and Aphrodite‘s and Aghape‘s and and and.

Which is why, although deeply sad and heart-broken in my heart, I feel in happiness’ heaven all at once. Especially in those moments like last week, when ‚SHE‘ finally made me sit down, listen – and just write. Even though all through my artistic life I’d always made a point that I’m not here to write; that writing is not my real right & key art. Last week it all came with such magical EASE. That I had to surrender and start to believe… that ‚SHE‘ might have other plans for me. Again. This year.

And it‘s such a JOY to watch ‚HER‘ play and create ‚HER’ net of deeper meaning.. for people to be lifted by and into such ‚another frequency’ – and fly. In LOVE. Where NEW BEGINNING is now about to be created.

Thanks for joining in. Even in tears. And a broken heart. TOGETHER we can heal.

(Foto by Jason Swanson, London Wigmore Hall, April 2019)

FB Chronik, 6. November 2020

It is interesting:

If I go outside, the world has changed so drastically – to its most absurd & ugly version with which not even the wildest science fiction comedy could compete.

However, when I turn within, I find the same eternal beauty and abundance in my everyday: The same smell of coffee in the morning, the same rich & fresh air when I open my windows, the same lively, loving presence of the sea, the same beauty in the singing birds, talkative trees – the busy ants.. The same arguing, at times just playful cats, barking dogs, trollish goats… The same fisherman in town shouting his daily ‚καλημέρα καλημέρα!’ into the world. And above all this, I breathe the same magical, senses opening odeur of the land I‘m living on, giving my each and every day its base – from where my creativity can go on: Giving birth to and into seemingly ‚NOTHING‘ each day – so it can culminate to SOMETHING, forming the actual EVERYTHING in the end. The WHAT IS in the moment of ALL THAT IS. Is always abundant. And NOTHING is always full of EVERYTHING.

I‘m so glad and grateful that I’m able to trust this daily constant of sheer beauty – those mirrors of health, deep joy, love & vitality in my life – in a time when the outer world is falling so deeply apart.

Thank you, magical ‘NOTHINGNESS ISLAND‘.

Thank you ‚serenity within‘.

Resilience they call it in psychology.

May ‚SHE‘ be our way.

In all that is NOW to come.

For us to transform.

And leave behind all which we took for granted.

As it is no longer a shared certainty anymore.

FB Chronik, 5. November 2020

The light – and ‚SHE’, Shakti – is within us.

The light – and ‚SHE‘, Shakti – is around us.

Even if we cannot see.

And ‚SHE‘ – ‚Shakti’, ‚Aghapi’, the ‚Lunar-Feminine’, you name ‚HER‘ – is definitely HERE on magic (is-)land.

In the plants, in the ants, the animals – the winds, the rocks, the water & the sea.

Let‘s give ‚HER‘ back ‚HER’ temple.

Let‘s find, see & TOUCH each other in ‚HER‘ name.

Let’s CONNECT beyond the seen. Beyond the noise. Beyond what‘s broken and what has fallen apart.

HERE & NOW in silence.

So ‚SHE‘ can unfold ‚HER‘ wings for us to HEAL

(our deeply irrational, unbalanced, self-destructive rational)…

… and find back to LIGHT even with a deeply broken heart – and without knowing what there is next to come if we commit to just not drifting further apart. And remain, instead, in LOVE with our broken heart.

(Foto by D. Mytikas, Ikaria, April 18th 2016)

FB Chronik, 2. November 2020

An earthquake is a strong somatic experience.

However, a society going into a second lockdown, causing so much anguish to many, is another somatic experience… One I wish I would never have come close to.

Wake up people! This is no longer good, reasonable, nor human anymore!

And maybe we would need to all be shaken by an earthquake – so we would start to FEEL again with our bodies, how much NON-SENSE we currently collectively produce!

FB Chronik, 1. November 2020

Καλό μήνα everyone!!

I’m deeply, deeply touched by our last night’s Blue Fullmoon Gathering & Circle on magic (is-)land. Speechless about ‚HER‘ ways of connecting, ‚speaking’, expressing & unfolding in the moment we surrender and acknowledge ‚HER‘ sacredness. In ourSelves. In the wind. In the moon. In the land.

The earthquake the day before and the ‚after-movements’ (that are still going on) have already been a very profound somatic experience. And our last night‘s fullmoon gathering only added to such depth.

Deeply, deeply magical.

Deeply, deeply magnetic!

And a blissful BIG SILENCE is echoing us now!

Thank you all you special ones, who were called to take part in this magical gathering, for your wondrous co-creation and for following ‚HER‘ call!

FB Chronik, 1. November 2020

Was in erster Linie zählt, ist nicht der Glaube an ‚Gott‘/ die ‚Göttin‘/ das ‚Göttliche‘ – sondern die ERFAHRUNG von ‚Gott‘/ der ‚Göttin‘/ des ‚Göttlichen‘.

Und jetzt, am 1.November, sind diese Welten im ‚NICHTS‘ und ‚Unsichtbaren‘ uns wieder ganz besonders nah. Auch die Verstorbenen.

Sie wollen wir heute SPÜREN!

Mit ihnen wollen wir heute (auch) SEIN.

FB Chronik, 30. Oktober 2020

Die Erde schüttelt immer noch nach… Es ist mein 3. Erdbeben hier in den vergangenen 5 1/2 Jahren. Doch so stark war es noch nie…

Wir dürfen die Erde und ihre Kräfte jetzt noch besser kennenlernen. Let‘s breathe ‚HER‘ in!!

FB Chronik, 30. Oktober 2020

Just now: Most beautiful size of an earthquake here on magic (is-)land! Just strong enough for us to feel ‚HER‘ speak… without bringing danger to anyone! Just a soft (LOVE) sign for us to be remembered on ‚HER‘ powers…

… without ‚HER‘ having to get into louder speech.

FB Chronik, 21. Oktober 2020

Die wundersame, paraphänomene Zauberinsel ‚Ikaria‘ lehrt und zeigt uns…:

… mit der ‚Shakti-Energie‘ wieder zu fliessen – sie nicht mehr in uns zu unterdrücken…

.. was genau in einer Zeit, in der die zu einseitig genutzte Rationalität völlig irrational geworden ist, der Schlüssel zum gesunden und menschenwürdigen (Über-)Leben ist…

… weshalb gerade ‚Ikaria‘ die Utopie für eine bessere Zukunft, bzw die ‚neue Welt’ so grossartig nährt – hier der mögliche Ursprung für das ‚Neue’, bzw das Wiedererwachen des vergessenen ‚Alten’ auf der ‚Spira‘ ist – bzw von hier aus immer mehr Menschen den Weg in ein gesundes, balanciertes Leben finden könnten.

… wie die Rationalität, bzw das männlich-solare Prinzip lernen kann, dem weiblich-lunaren Kreativprinzip, der ‚Shakti’, zu dienen – damit sich letztere entfalten kann.

… wie wir den Weg in unsere Erfüllung & Gesundheit finden, in der aktuell zerfallenden Welt.

FB Chronik, 5.Oktober 2020

Magical, sacred spaces open in the moment we are able to rel-EASE!

FB Chronik, 1. Oktober 2020

καλό μήνα σε όλους!

Μαy we finally realise how far remote we live from our preancient roots – and may we finally (re-)awake, understand and be able to (re-) connect to these preancient roots, ‚codes‘ & teachings (in NOTHING) that will eventually reveal as a deep blessing for ALL – within the (crazy) time we live in.

FB Chronik, 11. September 2020


Ich sitze draussen vor meinem Lieblings-Café an meiner Lieblingsstrasse in Berlin – am freien Ende. Der Tischnachbar links vor mir ist mindestens 2m von mir weg, weil dazwischen auch die Tür zum Café ist. Rechts von mir sitzt niemand mehr. Da ist dann einfach noch die Durchfahrt in den Hof.

Ich drinke meinen Lieblingstee.

Und verschlucke mich dann an diesem Tee, bzw am Teilchen Brot, welches noch vom Toast in meinem Mundraum stecken geblieben ist.

Ich huste in eine Serviette über meine rechte Schulter in Richtung freie Einfahrt von mir weg.

Da bleibt ein Passant vor mir stehen und schaut mich vorwurfsvoll fragend durch seine Hornbrille hindurch an. Ich schaue fragend zurück. Und es schiesst ihm die vorwurfsvolle Frage, wie ein Blitz aus dem Mund: ‚Corona?!!‘

Ich sage: ‚Nein. Nicht Corona. Ich habe mich eben an meinem Tee verschluckt. Nicht alle, die mal husten müssen, haben Corona!‘ …

Da war der Mann schon weg. Ein paar Zeugen dieser Konversation – u.a. der DHL Bote, der grade eben die Strasse überquert hatte – lachen.

In mir hinterlässt diese vorwurfsvolle Frage, der Ton und der schiefe, furchtgetränkte Blick den Weltuntergang.

FB Chronik, 23. Juli 2020

Flight to Zurich NO physical distance to neighbour at all – plane fully stuffed! Can‘t believe how irrational our rational has become!!

FB Chronik, 18. Juli 2020

Wenn jetzt in dieser Lockdown Zeit alle, die noch was HABEN jenen GEBEN, die (vom Lockdown stark getroffen) nicht mehr HABEN – dann HABEN alle genug.

FB Chronik, 4. Juli 2020

Some ‘solar’ comprehension:

1 Kulturmilliarde kompletto für die gesamte Kulturindustrie – 9 Milliarden allein für Lufthansa. Oder mit anderen Worten: 1 Milliarde für die 1.5m Distanz Regulierung und tiefe Störung des Kultursektors. 9 Milliarden für überfüllte Flieger mit Null Körperdistanz zum Sitznachbar. Auch die neo-liberale Lobby-Logik ist eine Logik. Doch die Geschädigten dieser Logik (und es werden immer mehr!!) müssen jetzt immer mehr bluten!

‚Die Fluggesellschaft beschäftigte im vorigen Jahr über 138.000 Menschen und machte über 16,27 Milliarden Euro Umsatz. In der Kulturbranche arbeiten mehr als achtmal so viele Menschen und erwirtschaften einen mehr als zehnmal so hohen Umsatz, besagt der „Monitoringbericht Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft“.‘

(Quelle: Crew United)

FB Chronik, 3. Juli 2020

Different each night.

Different each morning.

View from my balcony.

Over ‚preancient land‘ & phänomenon.

Easy to endure & rest in ‚STANDING STILL‘.

FB Chronik, 15.März 2020

MAGIC EVERYTHING in Athen‘s EMPTINESS deeply touched me today… An experience I will never forget.

What if we would fill such emptiness now with love, bliss & kindness – instead of ongoing satiety, apathy & greed?

Every gesture counts to make such shift now happen! Let‘s not snore & fear away this chance!

FB Chronik, 19. Februar 2020

‚Meine Arbeit & Forschung kann also nur in Räumen vertieft erfahren werden, die dem Wesen des Lunaren Prinzips entsprechen: Performance- & Heilräume, bzw Räume, die ein tieferes somatisches/ seelisches Verbinden unter Menschen möglich machen – so dass das ‚Höhere Selbst‘ (bzw. die ‚Magie-Im-NICHTS‘/ ‚Heilkraft-Im-NICHTS‘/ das ‚Universum‘/ das ‚Göttliche‘/ ‚Heaven-On-Earth’, etc. – you name it!) sich immer besser und leichter durch uns hindurch manifestieren & entfalten kann…..

Zu meiner eigenen Überraschung können wir solche Räume tatsächlich auch über die Medien Film & Internet öffnen – sind vielleicht sogar aufgerufen, dies zu tun.

Und ja… – es geht mir bei der Bewusstseinsarbeit zum ‚NICHTS’ & dem Weiblich-Lunare Prinzip nie um eine Gender Diskussion (ja, ich arbeite auch mit Männern!!), sondern um das Verstehen, dass wir seit dem Durchbruch des Patriarchats – und noch stärker in den letzten 50-100 Jahren das Weiblich-Lunare Kreativprinzip in uns als Menschen (Männer & Frauen) so stark unterdrückt gehalten haben, dass wir jetzt gar nicht mehr wissen, wie es funktioniert – und dass in der ‚Solar-Maskulinen/ Analytischen Überbetonung unseres Daseins die Krankheiten entstehen unter denen wir gegenwärtig leiden – und dass wir, wenn wir in diesem Ungleichgewicht weiter machen, nicht nur den Planeten Erde, sondern in erster Linie uns Menschen selbst zerstören.

Und ja – der einzige Ausweg, um die gegenwärtige menschliche Zerstörungswut auf diesem Planeten aufzuhalten, sehe ich in einem radikalen Paradigmawechsel vom Solaren Kreativprinzip (welches über das Denken funktioniert) hin zum Lunaren Kreativprinzip (welches sich über das Fühlen erschliesst) – und letztlich in einem friedvollen Verbinden beider Prinzipien – im Sinne einer Balance zwischen ‚Yin‘ und ‚Yang‘.‘

However, without learning to face, to trust & to give in into NOTHING(NESS), our minds and bodies won‘t be able to let go of their business and thus will continue to create more and more craziness, suffering, destruction & hurt by a dangerously misused rational – that has turned so awefully irrational!

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