Blogging Feminine on FB: Jan-July 2021

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FB Chronik, July 3rd 2021

It‘s interesting: At the beginning of this ‚holiday week‘ I realized that the word ‚holiday‘ has somehow become void in my life since living on magical paradise island – because I caught myself doing in my ‚holiday‘ the same most beloved things, routines AND work (!) like I always do in my ‚everyday‘, feeling the same joy, love & happiness by connecting to each single gift (in NOTHING) of that very ‚every-holi-day‘. However, having relocated myself now some (holi)days to the paradise of another magical place and island, I realize that, although I do what I always do in this holiday, I do it in an entirely different way; in another order, another rhythm – and that it is this OTHER WAY I do my ‚everyday’ that makes me feel like having a ‚proper holiday‘! 😉

This experience now shows again that life in its fundaments is so little about WHAT we do and so much more about HOW we do what we do. And of course within such truth on a happy, well-balanced, healthy life, it’s always good to learn how to make each everyday a holiday!

FB Chronik, July 2nd 2021

Living and working on both sides – the North & the South – of this deeply magical lunar place and NOTHINGNESS island, with the most amazing man & ‚partner-in-crime‘ and dearest friends at my side, I feel like having won the lottery a thousand times and cracked the jackpot on the top – precisely after I had lost it all and had to let go of all I knew and of all I had become up to that very moment of losing. Of surrendering into that kind of ‚NOTHING‘ and ‚Not-yet-Known‘ – the magical ‚ALL-In-NOTHING’ – I am now describing with my lunar art and somatic work – inviting you to begin joining in.

I‘m the living proof of ‚Magic-In-NOTHING‘ we ALL can experience if we dare to give into and learn how to co-create with life (and the magical ‚IT’ in the thing & in NOTHING) from our magical lunar powerbase.

I’m in such deep gratitude & wonder for everything & everyone co-creating with me in love (consciously & unconsciously), making my life and the lives of others so beautiful and sweet! You’re all such a miracle, such a breakthrough, such wondrous souls & beings! Please, keep your soul-touching kindness my loves – even if the outer world is getting rougher, tougher and controlled & manipulated by fear. Just keep your warmth & softness going. Even in moments you think your position is weak. The magical, loving ‚IT’ in each thing, each situation – and in NOTHING – responds to every single loving act & connection and makes dreams & MIRACLES an experienced real! For ALL!

FB Chronik, June 30th 2021

NOTHINGNESS is also filled by how we feel.

And from how we feel, we create the highest and best into our lives. Or the worst. If we don‘t watch out. What thoughts we have. What the feelings are in our guts. And how we interrelate with ourSelves and our environment.

MAGIC is when those uplifting feelings in our gut – and the love in our heart (and our wombs and testicles) trigger the unexpected, the unimaginable to become manifest in our lives. Our breathing. Our being. Our thoughts. Our inter-connecting. For joy, happiness and a deep belonging to unfold.

However, we do need each other for all that. So to magically ‚move mountains‘ within and outside of ourSelves.

It‘s in humbleness and deep surrender where we find our new (strength). TOGETHER.

FB Chronik, June 23rd 2021

Locking down Performing Arts is a real disaster – not for the money of the artist & creative people in the first place, like almost everyone in our capitalist/ consumerist culture assumes. No! But for the LUNAR (somatic) INFORMATION that is stored in, explored and cultivated through Performing Arts.

As actress and former dancer I carry most of my lunar (somatic) knowledge & wisdom directly in my body – in my guts and from there in my muscular and cellular structure. The way to access such lunar-somatic knowledge is through felt perception while moving (at least in thoughts) with consciousness in/ through space – and even more so in a rehearsal, training, yoga or theatre space & practice. And precisely these spaces & engagements have meanwhile been shut down for far too long. Thus, my body got shut down as well. And with it it’s important (lunar) information. THIS is the disaster!

FB Chronik, June 15th 2021

The beauty of the time we live in – now in 2021 – is that everyone is now encouraged (& free) to find and (actively) define his/ her own narrative in life.

The danger of the time we live in is that many people feel uncomfortable with such challenge (or even are in fear) and therefore rudely urge their narrative AGAINST & ON TO the ones of others – and as such give fuel to further separation, disconnection & distancing between people and thus ground for facism to evolve.

In order to not ruin ourselves as human race, we are now asked to find the connecting part of who we are in each single encounter! Vaccinated or not vaccinated.

The fuel for CONNECTION has always been and will always be LOVE.

Unconditional love.

We have to learn to RECEIVE and FEEL.

FB Chronik, June 9th 202

Finally back to my writing again… Through a wondrous synchronicity today – and an ‚angel‘ of a person offering me out of ‚NOTHING but BIGmagicNOTHING‘ this very place! For me to re-visit my own writing – and to keep on receiving what there is to be said and found in and through those magical words (in NOTHING) – expressing all the not yet born and not yet said… to be heard and felt.. even within the cloud of present noises.

FB Chronik, June 4th 2021

Now that the season has opened, you see tourists walking along the water of (still) empty Mesakti Beach with headphones in their ears.. And I just wonder if they‘re listening to ‚calming sea sound music‘?… Or to ‚beach bar music‘, compensating for the bars not yet being fully open here at Mesakti and not yet playing loud music?… I mean what I see now is exactly what I see on a bigger picture in the world: Humans wish to evolve – but then they fear a virus. So they need vaccines for to congest their eco-system, ears and senses with their own destorted narrative and ‘rational’. Gosh! I‘m glad that I can still sit here in ‚NOTHING‘, listening to these wonderful waves, nature sounds & whispers. And no loud bar music distracting my deep joy, listening and healing. I feel so complete. So grateful. And the sea has my fears. And my back.

FB Chronik, April 30th 2021

Happy Walpurgis Night dearest lunar ‚witchcraft family‘! The spirits & frequences here on magic ‚NOTHINGNESS island‘ are still so very high! Come and join us! Come and learn more about preancient lunar wisdom – that is now so needed to (re-)awake within all of us – for us to heal and re-balance what has been gone out of balance by our too unilateral solar thinking & conditioning!

FB Chronik, April 26th 2021

La Luna is back (over the Aegaen Sea – at 6.31am tomorrow morning in ‚HER‘ PINK MOON fullest power) giving light to our darkest spots within – and our all UNKOWN & awakening. Let‘s make MAGIC SPEAK by us listening and CONNECTING to what is hidden behind of what we thought we knew! Let‘s just give it all to ‚HER‘ – give our ALL to ‚HER‘ – to then be surprised by the MAGICAL BEYOND framing our ALL new beginning!

FB Chronik, April 14th 2021

Back in temple-land again… Activating priest & priestess consciousness – for our all ‚lunar-feminine‘ flow & awakening, in love and deep compassion! Who else is joining in?

FB Chronik, April 12th 2021

Serenity always keeps pointing at our soul’s home and place to be. Even if we were about to take another direction.

FB Chronik, April 6th 2021

Jede unserer Entscheidungen im Leben wird Flügel tragen, wenn wir uns in der Liebe begegnen. Wenn nicht, werden wir alle verloren haben.

FB Chronik, January 15th 2021

Life is everything we do not see. So what is it we wish to BE but do not (yet) see?

New Moon is the best time to talk into ‚NOTHING‘ for magic in life – in form of ‚synchronicities‘ – to finally become apparent. And make us a part of what already is. So take that chance and make a wish – to then open your eyes and ‚see‘. The unseen turning into a seen. And magical apparent.

FB Chronik, January 12th 2021 (excerpt out of BIGmagicNOTHING news)

We have to wake up – and understand that it is NOT ‘Trump’ nor it is a ‘Corona virus’ that makes our lives difficult. It is us! And us only.

And with us, the COLLAPSE OF THE OCCIDENT, the collapse of the Western world & ‘solar conditioning’, that is happening. And we do have to be VERY QUICK now to understand this – for not to be doomed by what is going on, and by how the media and the present politicians are explaining us the world. They do not see, nor understand what’s going on in reference to our long-forgotten preancient past. Nor do they understand Plato deep enough (or Pythagoras) – let alone our human history before Christianism! And more importantly: They are NOT the actors of a play we watch!! We are NOT their audience. On the contrary: WE are the actors (!) in the present ongoing world-play that is so desperately seeking for a catharsis! And as actors we cannot give away our responsibility for such catharsis to take place – only because it feels more comfortable to sit in the audience and just watch, judge & have an opinion about. An actor’s role is one beyond judgement. And somatic awareness is the actor’s key instrument. An actor needs to be AWAKE & AGILE in the NOW. Which is exactly what we as ACTORS within the present ‘world-play’ have to become aware of now! The light is on ALL of us. And we are meant to perform our best for not to be doomed all together in the end. When the light is fading.

Here’s a little ‘heart-felt guide’ (based on my 8 years somatic research on the Lunar-Feminine principle of creation) on how we can individually AND collectively survive the present collapse:

1. CONNECT! with nature & and your loved ones! Show your love to nature and to your dear people, so they understand with their heart.

2. LISTEN to your heart – from the morning (before you get out of bed) up to the evening. (Do the somatic morning questions & evening gratitude prayers.)

3. Learn to FOLLOW your heart & everything that makes you happy. Make sure that your (inner) happiness is not dependent on others.

4. Learn to MEDITATE/ withdraw into NOTHINGNESS. Your own inner silence & ‘NOTHINGNESS’ contains all answers. And your own clairvoyance & magic.Find your own magical daily practice & routine.

5. Learn to FEEL your fears and your anger – and BE with your fears before you project them on to other people.

6. Have ENDLESS LOVE for your fears, anger and any inadequacy you feel within yourself.

7. Learn to LOVE yourSelf unconditionally. Learn to ‘mother’ & nourish yourSelf, instead of expecting other people to love & nourish your self-esteem.

8.Learn to distinct between your conditioned Self (including the fears!) and your true (SOUL) Self.

9. Learn to FOLLOW your true Self & SOUL. And you’ll always be save. Able to understand and be in dialogue with all magical signs out of ‚BIG MAGIC NOTHING‘.

10. Learn to understand that it is not about ‘YOU’ and your ‚I-identification’, but about the information YOUR SOUL carries into this world.

11.Learn to understand that it is never about us as individuals, but about us as COLLECTIVE and that TRUTH always lays beyond individual judgement.

12. Learn to understand that we always shape and co-create in our individual actions the outcome of the COLLECTIVE. As such, the way you spend your money, the way you speak & act is always a reflection on the world you ‚vote‘ for!

13.Learn to listen to and surrender to the (loving) ‘BEYOND’ (‘Magic-In-NOTHING’) – instead of to your narcissist, self-centered, solar conditioning.

14. Learn to co-create ‘reality’ from your heart TOGETHER WITH OTHERS – instead of isolating yourself (even if with pears) in your narcissist solar conditioning.

15. Learn to ‘jump’ & BE BRAVE – take heart-ful actions for MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Learn to LOVE & express your love – even if you risk to again be hurt.

This ‘lunar list’ is of course far from being complete. However, if we learn to live with it for a while, we’re going to experience MIRACLES within ourSelves.. and maybe even in the outside, too, very soon!

FB Chronik, January 12th 2021

Um die Welt zu verändern, brauchen wir einander. Sehr.

FB Chronik, January 4th 2021

It is to give ‚HER‘ – LOVE, COMPASSION & CONNECTION – ‚HER‘ kingdom and temple back. 🧚🏻‍♀️

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