Why Blogging Feminine?

As an actress and artist, as well as a contemporary of our times in Western culture, I’d like to use this blog here to accentuate a way of ‘blogging feminine’… Meaning, that – against all the odds and against all my cultural conditioning – I endeavour to keep up reflecting ‘feminine’, speaking ‘feminine’, wondering ‘feminine’ – literally just expressing my feminine Self verbally in an as much as possible ‘somatic-feminine’ way and perspective. A perspective which in Western culture has been overshadowed and overridden by the wide-spread and dominating ‘analytical-masculine’ perspective, i.e. way of thinking, being and acting; a so called ‘rational-logic’ which not only has been the predominant perspective and reference quality for centuries, but which contradictorily has also been picked up on and proclaimed by the 60s and 70s Feminist movement.

And at this point, I’d like to make it clear right now: this is not a blog about gender, nor a blog to banish men from the discussion, nor to deny the ‘somatic-feminine’ potential in men. It is a blog for women and men (and transmen, transwomen and genderqueers). In short: this blog addresses all human beings of our time, interested in the particular subject and maybe the evolvement of human race.

It is a blog, written by a woman – me – brought up in the Western culture context, fortunate enough to develop excellent rational skills before being brought into the loop of the somatic through her profession as dancer, actress, meditation practitioner and eventually healer. A woman who had the fortune to make deeper contact with the somatic and who is now searching an authentic ‘somatic-feminine’ grip and language when expressing herself verbally about the particular qualities of and perspectives to life that reach beyond – or even between – the rational and therefore can’t easily be embraced in coherent words.

With this blog I might intend to add a certain kind of unseen to the seen, silence to the noise, shades to clear shapes – or maybe even a kind of mystery to whatever appears as a ‘clear fact’ to our ‘logic brain’.

When I speak about the ‘somatic-feminine’ as quality or element to act from in comparison to the ‘analytical-masculine’ quality, I might appear to be close in my thinking to what Schelling or Nietzsche went on about when distinguishing between the ‘Dionysian element’ and the ‘Apollonian element’ of life and nature.

However, I would not dare to lean too much on the theories of these two philosophers as it comes to describing my view of the ‘somatic-feminine’, i.e. ‘magnetic power base’, as a woman. Because, as we all know, Schelling and Nietzsche are both famous for their derogative view on women and thus the ‘feminine element’ within a cultural context.

So, when speaking about the ‘somatic-feminine’ as a principle and quality of life and of human condition, instead of referring to a past that is dominated by male thinkers, I prefer to let myself been led directly by my intuitive and somatic nature that had its thorough ‘reaming’ with the rational in the past anyway – throughout generations.

Writing for this blog, I thus intend to open up all my senses – not only ‘logic brain’ – and to concentrate on the information I receive through the channels of my body, in the moment when I let go common ground and ‘analytic-masculine’ conditioning. Thus, I am practising surrender – and maybe, if I’ll be lucky enough, I may touch ‘magnetic’ ground.

When still asked about my views on contemporary gender discussions, I usually point out that in light of Western culture having been suppressing the ‘somatic-feminine’ as a quality and element, Western women have learned, from a very early age on, to engage more from an ‘analytical-masculine’ power-base and thus no longer trust their ‘somatic-feminine’ powers. It has been the price women of our time and culture had to pay in order to be able to enter a male dominated power-system and to become a noticeable part within the society’s elites. In such processing women and men have learnt to rule their lives and actions primarily from an ‘analytical-masculine’ power-base – even if their main power-source would naturally be rooted in the ‘somatic-feminine’. In such unilateral process, men and women have increasingly twisted their nature from human-beings to ‘analytically-coded’ human-doings. And as such they have lost their capacity to act out of a magnetic instead of a dynamic source of power and to clothe actions from a state of peace, magic, sense of connection and mystery.

The achievements of the 60s and 70s Feminism are that todays’ Western women, independent from their social background, have growing access to education, a professional career of their own choice and also to society’s elites, if they choose to. However, such access to society’s power-system is only attainable when applying an ‘analytical-masculine’ approach and way of thinking, perceiving and interacting. An open-process, i.e. ‘somatic-feminine’ approach, stimulating ‘slowness of thought’, ‘reception’, ‘connection’, ‘intuition’, ‘surrender’ and ‘love’ is even today still not very likely to produce many CEO’s and presidents in this world.

This perception of reality is the starting point and source of the texts and thoughts you will find in this blog.

And to conclude now, I’d like to refer to an interview with the Austrian playwright and artist Elfriede Jelinek in the film ‚Der Fall Bachmann‘, directed by Boris Manner (also see blogtext written on August 11th 2015):

In the film, Jelinek gives prominence to her observation that every female artist who is intending to enter art production on a professional level, has to put on ‘a male self’, which the female artist cannot bring in accordance with her ‘sensual feminine self’. And the result of such adaptation, according to Jelinek, is a disunity and inner turmoil, i.e. a burden every female artist (and almost every woman in any male dominated production of our industries) has to carry. And I would add: Especially those who feel naturally more rooted in a sensual feminine self…

I don’t necessarily consider myself a feminist. But I see that the male dominated societies of the past and the subsequent predominant ‘analytical-masculine’ thinking and processing had such a devastating effect on the ‘somatic-feminine’ element, that even today’s women in power wouldn’t use their natural ‘feminine main power base’, i.e. their ‘magnetic power’, to balance the world they live in. And this very fact I perceive as such a great loss – especially considering how dissociated we all have become from ourselves, our bodies, nature and the surrounding we live in – and considering what world we’ve meanwhile created politically, socially and environmentally…

This blog here shall be an impulse to foster ‘somatic feminine’ being, thinking and expressing – and further, the inclusion of magnetic power as opposed to the exclusive use of dynamic power.