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About BIGmagneticNOTHING and my NOTHINGNESS research on the NOTHINGNESS island Ikaria:


On the need of a new language when creating from a magic-magnetic/ feminine-somatic power-base:


BIGmagneticNOTHING/ Das Projekt zur Fülle-im-NICHTS on Indiegogo in 2016:

‘BIGmagneticNOTHING/ Das Grosse NICHTS Projekt’ by Simone Leona Hueber is a new evolving Conscious Art Project for transmodern times – that inspires, helps and supports you to make a deep and inner experience of and connection with how much we ‘earn’ in the moment we let go our conditioned mind and learn to ‘invest’ and to give in to the magic and abundance of NOTHING(NESS) and ‘non-space’.
Such experience usually evokes and provokes a huge inner shift in paradigm and is therefore the door to magic-magnetic creation from a ‘somatic-feminine’ powerbase (as opposed to creating from a purely ‘rational-analytic’ power base).

‘BIGmagneticNOTHING/ Das Grosse NICHTS Projekt’ is presently being developed in Berlin, Zurich and on the NOTHINGNESS island Ikaria. It’s community however embraces members from all around the world.

And among other exciting NOTHINGNESS ‘products‘ (such as for example ‘Mindfulness-On-Ikaria’, etc.), BIGmagneticNOTHING is the ‘field’ for a book project, the coaching/ healing method NOTHINGNESS PROCESS as well as its concept embraces various kinds of future installations on NOTHINGNESS and a film.
All in all BIGmagneticNOTHING is a political statement questioning the mental patterns established by our achievement-oriented society and sensitizing a wider audience to the (personal and collective) riches within NOTHINGNESS from the moment we let go of fear and make a leap to our very personal – and at the same time collective – ‘Self’. In this sense BIGmagneticNOTHING in the end is NOTHING more and NOTHING less than just a new and other way to BE’ – causing and contributing, however, to a huge shift in consciousness.

For your personal investment into the magic-magnetic (healing) powers of BIGmagneticNOTHING and to become an important part of such growing, more and more empowered BIGmagneticNOTHING ‘society of lovers’, please contact Simone Leona Hueber directly on