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FB Chronik, July 3rd 2021

It‘s interesting: At the beginning of this ‚holiday week‘ I realized that the word ‚holiday‘ has somehow become void in my life since living on magical paradise island – because I caught myself doing in my ‚holiday‘ the same most beloved things, routines AND work (!) like I always do in my ‚everyday‘, feeling the same joy, love & happiness by connecting to each single gift (in NOTHING) of that very ‚every-holi-day‘. However, having relocated myself now some (holi)days to the paradise of another magical place and island, I realize that, although I do what I always do in this holiday, I do it in an entirely different way; in another order, another rhythm – and that it is this OTHER WAY I do my ‚everyday’ that makes me feel like having a ‚proper holiday‘! 😉

This experience now shows again that life in its fundaments is so little about WHAT we do and so much more about HOW we do what we do. And of course within such truth on a happy, well-balanced, healthy life, it’s always good to learn how to make each everyday a holiday!

FB Chronik, July 2nd 2021

Living and working on both sides – the North & the South – of this deeply magical lunar place and NOTHINGNESS island, with the most amazing man & ‚partner-in-crime‘ and dearest friends at my side, I feel like having won the lottery a thousand times and cracked the jackpot on the top – precisely after I had lost it all and had to let go of all I knew and of all I had become up to that very moment of losing. Of surrendering into that kind of ‚NOTHING‘ and ‚Not-yet-Known‘ – the magical ‚ALL-In-NOTHING’ – I am now describing with my lunar art and somatic work – inviting you to begin joining in.

I‘m the living proof of ‚Magic-In-NOTHING‘ we ALL can experience if we dare to give into and learn how to co-create with life (and the magical ‚IT’ in the thing & in NOTHING) from our magical lunar powerbase.

I’m in such deep gratitude & wonder for everything & everyone co-creating with me in love (consciously & unconsciously), making my life and the lives of others so beautiful and sweet! You’re all such a miracle, such a breakthrough, such wondrous souls & beings! Please, keep your soul-touching kindness my loves – even if the outer world is getting rougher, tougher and controlled & manipulated by fear. Just keep your warmth & softness going. Even in moments you think your position is weak. The magical, loving ‚IT’ in each thing, each situation – and in NOTHING – responds to every single loving act & connection and makes dreams & MIRACLES an experienced real! For ALL!

FB Chronik, June 30th 2021

NOTHINGNESS is also filled by how we feel.

And from how we feel, we create the highest and best into our lives. Or the worst. If we don‘t watch out. What thoughts we have. What the feelings are in our guts. And how we interrelate with ourSelves and our environment.

MAGIC is when those uplifting feelings in our gut – and the love in our heart (and our wombs and testicles) trigger the unexpected, the unimaginable to become manifest in our lives. Our breathing. Our being. Our thoughts. Our inter-connecting. For joy, happiness and a deep belonging to unfold.

However, we do need each other for all that. So to magically ‚move mountains‘ within and outside of ourSelves.

It‘s in humbleness and deep surrender where we find our new (strength). TOGETHER.

FB Chronik, June 23rd 2021

Locking down Performing Arts is a real disaster – not for the money of the artist & creative people in the first place, like almost everyone in our capitalist/ consumerist culture assumes. No! But for the LUNAR (somatic) INFORMATION that is stored in, explored and cultivated through Performing Arts.

As actress and former dancer I carry most of my lunar (somatic) knowledge & wisdom directly in my body – in my guts and from there in my muscular and cellular structure. The way to access such lunar-somatic knowledge is through felt perception while moving (at least in thoughts) with consciousness in/ through space – and even more so in a rehearsal, training, yoga or theatre space & practice. And precisely these spaces & engagements have meanwhile been shut down for far too long. Thus, my body got shut down as well. And with it it’s important (lunar) information. THIS is the disaster!

FB Chronik, June 15th 2021

The beauty of the time we live in – now in 2021 – is that everyone is now encouraged (& free) to find and (actively) define his/ her own narrative in life.

The danger of the time we live in is that many people feel uncomfortable with such challenge (or even are in fear) and therefore rudely urge their narrative AGAINST & ON TO the ones of others – and as such give fuel to further separation, disconnection & distancing between people and thus ground for facism to evolve.

In order to not ruin ourselves as human race, we are now asked to find the connecting part of who we are in each single encounter! Vaccinated or not vaccinated.

The fuel for CONNECTION has always been and will always be LOVE.

Unconditional love.

We have to learn to RECEIVE and FEEL.

FB Chronik, June 9th 202

Finally back to my writing again… Through a wondrous synchronicity today – and an ‚angel‘ of a person offering me out of ‚NOTHING but BIGmagicNOTHING‘ this very place! For me to re-visit my own writing – and to keep on receiving what there is to be said and found in and through those magical words (in NOTHING) – expressing all the not yet born and not yet said… to be heard and felt.. even within the cloud of present noises.

FB Chronik, June 4th 2021

Now that the season has opened, you see tourists walking along the water of (still) empty Mesakti Beach with headphones in their ears.. And I just wonder if they‘re listening to ‚calming sea sound music‘?… Or to ‚beach bar music‘, compensating for the bars not yet being fully open here at Mesakti and not yet playing loud music?… I mean what I see now is exactly what I see on a bigger picture in the world: Humans wish to evolve – but then they fear a virus. So they need vaccines for to congest their eco-system, ears and senses with their own destorted narrative and ‘rational’. Gosh! I‘m glad that I can still sit here in ‚NOTHING‘, listening to these wonderful waves, nature sounds & whispers. And no loud bar music distracting my deep joy, listening and healing. I feel so complete. So grateful. And the sea has my fears. And my back.

FB Chronik, April 30th 2021

Happy Walpurgis Night dearest lunar ‚witchcraft family‘! The spirits & frequences here on magic ‚NOTHINGNESS island‘ are still so very high! Come and join us! Come and learn more about preancient lunar wisdom – that is now so needed to (re-)awake within all of us – for us to heal and re-balance what has been gone out of balance by our too unilateral solar thinking & conditioning!

FB Chronik, April 26th 2021

La Luna is back (over the Aegaen Sea – at 6.31am tomorrow morning in ‚HER‘ PINK MOON fullest power) giving light to our darkest spots within – and our all UNKOWN & awakening. Let‘s make MAGIC SPEAK by us listening and CONNECTING to what is hidden behind of what we thought we knew! Let‘s just give it all to ‚HER‘ – give our ALL to ‚HER‘ – to then be surprised by the MAGICAL BEYOND framing our ALL new beginning!

FB Chronik, April 14th 2021

Back in temple-land again… Activating priest & priestess consciousness – for our all ‚lunar-feminine‘ flow & awakening, in love and deep compassion! Who else is joining in?

FB Chronik, April 12th 2021

Serenity always keeps pointing at our soul’s home and place to be. Even if we were about to take another direction.

FB Chronik, April 6th 2021

Jede unserer Entscheidungen im Leben wird Flügel tragen, wenn wir uns in der Liebe begegnen. Wenn nicht, werden wir alle verloren haben.

FB Chronik, January 15th 2021

Life is everything we do not see. So what is it we wish to BE but do not (yet) see?

New Moon is the best time to talk into ‚NOTHING‘ for magic in life – in form of ‚synchronicities‘ – to finally become apparent. And make us a part of what already is. So take that chance and make a wish – to then open your eyes and ‚see‘. The unseen turning into a seen. And magical apparent.

FB Chronik, January 12th 2021 (excerpt out of BIGmagicNOTHING news)

We have to wake up – and understand that it is NOT ‘Trump’ nor it is a ‘Corona virus’ that makes our lives difficult. It is us! And us only.

And with us, the COLLAPSE OF THE OCCIDENT, the collapse of the Western world & ‘solar conditioning’, that is happening. And we do have to be VERY QUICK now to understand this – for not to be doomed by what is going on, and by how the media and the present politicians are explaining us the world. They do not see, nor understand what’s going on in reference to our long-forgotten preancient past. Nor do they understand Plato deep enough (or Pythagoras) – let alone our human history before Christianism! And more importantly: They are NOT the actors of a play we watch!! We are NOT their audience. On the contrary: WE are the actors (!) in the present ongoing world-play that is so desperately seeking for a catharsis! And as actors we cannot give away our responsibility for such catharsis to take place – only because it feels more comfortable to sit in the audience and just watch, judge & have an opinion about. An actor’s role is one beyond judgement. And somatic awareness is the actor’s key instrument. An actor needs to be AWAKE & AGILE in the NOW. Which is exactly what we as ACTORS within the present ‘world-play’ have to become aware of now! The light is on ALL of us. And we are meant to perform our best for not to be doomed all together in the end. When the light is fading.

Here’s a little ‘heart-felt guide’ (based on my 8 years somatic research on the Lunar-Feminine principle of creation) on how we can individually AND collectively survive the present collapse:

1. CONNECT! with nature & and your loved ones! Show your love to nature and to your dear people, so they understand with their heart.

2. LISTEN to your heart – from the morning (before you get out of bed) up to the evening. (Do the somatic morning questions & evening gratitude prayers.)

3. Learn to FOLLOW your heart & everything that makes you happy. Make sure that your (inner) happiness is not dependent on others.

4. Learn to MEDITATE/ withdraw into NOTHINGNESS. Your own inner silence & ‘NOTHINGNESS’ contains all answers. And your own clairvoyance & magic.Find your own magical daily practice & routine.

5. Learn to FEEL your fears and your anger – and BE with your fears before you project them on to other people.

6. Have ENDLESS LOVE for your fears, anger and any inadequacy you feel within yourself.

7. Learn to LOVE yourSelf unconditionally. Learn to ‘mother’ & nourish yourSelf, instead of expecting other people to love & nourish your self-esteem.

8.Learn to distinct between your conditioned Self (including the fears!) and your true (SOUL) Self.

9. Learn to FOLLOW your true Self & SOUL. And you’ll always be save. Able to understand and be in dialogue with all magical signs out of ‚BIG MAGIC NOTHING‘.

10. Learn to understand that it is not about ‘YOU’ and your ‚I-identification’, but about the information YOUR SOUL carries into this world.

11.Learn to understand that it is never about us as individuals, but about us as COLLECTIVE and that TRUTH always lays beyond individual judgement.

12. Learn to understand that we always shape and co-create in our individual actions the outcome of the COLLECTIVE. As such, the way you spend your money, the way you speak & act is always a reflection on the world you ‚vote‘ for!

13.Learn to listen to and surrender to the (loving) ‘BEYOND’ (‘Magic-In-NOTHING’) – instead of to your narcissist, self-centered, solar conditioning.

14. Learn to co-create ‘reality’ from your heart TOGETHER WITH OTHERS – instead of isolating yourself (even if with pears) in your narcissist solar conditioning.

15. Learn to ‘jump’ & BE BRAVE – take heart-ful actions for MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Learn to LOVE & express your love – even if you risk to again be hurt.

This ‘lunar list’ is of course far from being complete. However, if we learn to live with it for a while, we’re going to experience MIRACLES within ourSelves.. and maybe even in the outside, too, very soon!

FB Chronik, January 12th 2021

Um die Welt zu verändern, brauchen wir einander. Sehr.

FB Chronik, January 4th 2021

It is to give ‚HER‘ – LOVE, COMPASSION & CONNECTION – ‚HER‘ kingdom and temple back. 🧚🏻‍♀️

Blogging Feminine on FB – 2020: Lunar blogging and ’embodied writing’ finding a speechless end in Lockdown times – for to immerse and eventually be reborn in an exciting NOVEL project on the awakening of the magic lunar Self in 2021.

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….. SPEECHLESSNESS… LUNAR LANGUAGE going SILENT AGAIN…. (my apologies to all those loving my ‘lunar texts’… something even better will come out of my present lunar SPEECHLESSNESS & SILENCE – just wait! ;))


FB Chronik, 31. Dezember 2020

The year 2020 in Europe is finding now in these hours its very end. The weather here on magic island has changed again – unexpectedly – as if illustrating again in the very last minutes the unpredictable nature of the passing year. And of life itself.

Deep gratitude sits inside my heart while exposing my face to the wind!

Was this not ALSO an AMAZING YEAR?!

Interesting: Almost everyone I‘m talking to about the passing year these days tells me that they also feel very nurtured by the year we‘ve all gone through. And that even in times of big loss & NOTHINGNESS, heart-filling & soul-touching experiences of ABUNDANCE, CONNECTION, MAGIC & LOVE were made.

Is this not interesting?!!

Like many of you that I had been connecting with & talking to in the past days & hours, I, too, feel so deeply grateful for all and everything of that (of course at times also challenging) year 2020 – that NOW hopefully helps us see much closer into what we want to be, what we are here to be… and what we are most likely going to be if we don‘t radically WAKE UP from the destructive dream we had been indulging in for far too long – and NOW CHANGE! To the much better! To the much more connected & loving way to be. Even when in pain. Even when in fear. Even when facing a great loss – or our own death. Unconditional love is what counts at the end of the day. And our capibility to connect within such love that doesn’t know (solar) condition.

I wish that we are all on the way to find that love. To somatically feel the difference when LOVE indeed comes without condition. And invites us to just open our heart. Making us feel save.

So we all can heal. With the help of each other. Who really mean ‚IT‘. The magical, unconditional ‚LOVE-IN-NOTHING‘ that is able to move mountains (and create pyramids).

In this sense I wish you all A HAPPY, HEALTHY & GROUNDBREAKING 2021!

And that we learn to FEEL what it actually IS we embody. If it’s magic & medicine. Or if it’s poison.

Let‘s all go (more) ‚LUNAR‘ now! With lots of love and joy! In this very moment. Breathing in. And breathing out.

FB Chronik, 31. Dezember 2020

Then it was FULL.. guiding me the way down South!

Καλή Παραμονή Πρωτοχρονιάς σε όλους σας!

Enjoy every breath of this last day of 2020.

The lunar energies are so high at the moment as we have never experienced them before.

Just surrender into them – and you‘ll be guided. You‘ll be save!

FB Chronik, 29. Dezember 2020

Almost full this amazing moon that is going to reach its fullest full tomorrow – keeping me awake for days. Even when asleep!

FB Chronik, 29. Dezember 2020

Another day of fully immersing into the island’s transformative MAGIC-MAGNETIC NOTHINGNESS & LUNAR REALM of deep inner wisdom comes to an end… And I do feel so much beyond grateful… that I find it hard to describe such soul-gate-opening experience in words… Which is why I now just dance – dance myself into the embrace of the mountains‘ magical spirits, breathing in the sounds of the goat-bells, breathing in the wind touching my skin cells…. for then to die and let go of all I am and have been. With each and every breathing out. So the MAGIC NEW can begin. In the next breathing in. That I would like to share.

With you.

For whom I now begin my dance and dancing.

FB Chronik, 25. Dezember 2020

Today on Xmas Day nature is rougher again… That makes my unconditional love for ‚HER-in-NOTHING‘ even softer…

FB Chronik, 21. Dezember 2020

We see it!!!!! We see the ‚Bethlehem star‘ – i.e the conjunction between Saturn (Knosos) & Jupiter (Zeus)!!! Including the ‚shrine‘!! What an exciting day and solstice this is!!

FB Chronik, 21. Dezember 2020

Happy winter solstice everyone! Let‘s all get together in silence for lunar magic, preancient wisdom, our mother earth & the stars to speak! To us. With each day that is getting longer now. Again. For us to tune our listening. So lunar magic can be (re-)born. Through all of us. NOW. Eine schöne Rauhe Nächte Zeit! Euch allen.

FB Chronik, 21.Dezember 2020

Walking deep into the island‘s magic today… hearing ‚HER‘ whispers speak… also through my most beautiful ‚island mystery guide‘ E.P. and the space we opened TOGETHER when just walking into TIPOTA, the unknown and the ‚let‘s just see‘… It‘s always in those moments when the magic pearls unfold… I feel so deeply grateful. Thank you E.P mou for this beautiful co-creation!

And happy Solstice to everyone! I‘m sure there is even more magic to unfold tonight – even if we cannot see it, but feel! TOGETHER we UNITE in THE ONE and ONLY. The magical ‘It’ in NOTHING and each ‘THING’.

FB Chronik, 19. Dezember 2020

I’ve never ever experienced a moon that is only a crescent, but so powerful as the one we see now. There is so much energy coming through now. And I‘m sure this ‚energetic download’ is not just to be experienced here on magic NOTHINGNESS island – but everywhere in the world. So we humans finally learn what it means to surrender – and to deeply give in – for the magic NEW to be born & begin.

FB Chronik, 12. Dezember 2020


What are the energies & frequencies you are receiving today?

Pause for a moment today and feel – beyond your thoughts & thinking! Just breathe and observe!

And feel your heart! Beat.

How does it feel?

And how would you like it to feel?

Can you make your likes expand?

Memories of what you liked?

So these energies spread – and we, too, can feel?

YOU! Your magnificent, loving YOU!

FB Chronik, 9. Dezember 2020

lockdown in greece to be continued for another week… car-writing to be continued for another week. hairdresser still urgently needed.

FB Chronik, 3. Dezember 2020

Retreating to my winter NOTHINGNESS in the North again… It‘s already the 6th winter-experience here on magic island… And at the moment still warm and sunny… The nature is loud as usual here on this side… And memories come back from previous NOTHINGNESS experiences here… And how the role of the ‚woman-in-NOTHING‘ of Sir Harrison Birtwistle‘s work ‚The Woman And The Hare‘ so miraculously came to my NOTHINGNESS here on this balcony, end of 2017 … which I then played in February 2018 in Hannover.. and last year in London, Birmingham & Hamburg.. And out of that, new work & inter-connection unfolded… Until this year‘s radical theatre lockdown destroyed it all… So I‘m in a new NOTHINGNESS again, i.e at another point of my deeply abundant NOTHINGNESS experience – and ‚SPIRA‘. Deeply grateful I’m now entering this other (even more silent) chapter and month – surrendering to the story that kindly, but steadily asks to be written down… So I have to let it BE. Have to let it in. And let it speak. It‘s language.

Om Namah Shivaya.

FB Chronik, 1. Dezember 2020

καλό μήνα σε όλους!

Let‘s make the best of the last month of this very special year – 2020!

Let‘s finally quit our fear & inner confinement, connect instead with the beauty, purity, strength & health of mother nature – and let‘s finally think of people IN REAL NEED again.

And more importantly: LET‘S HELP!!

EACH OTHER. Accepting that we will all have to die in the end.

So the daily morning question of this month for you might be: How can YOU help TODAY – how can YOU be of help – to make this world a better place? And with whom would you like to connect to make a HEART-WARMING for at least one other person possible. Whose BEING & GROWTH do you support with kind, encouraging words – and who do you help & support with the money you‘re lucky to (still) have?

FB Chronik, 20. November 2020

Those closer to me know about the magic presently unfolding in my life, here on the island… out of NOTHING – out of me having lost again all my acting and somatic facilitation work this year due to this seemingly never ending locking down of the (somatic) arts.

Like I teach it: I decided to accept & embrace this new NOTHINGNESS situation in my life. And from that moment onwards – it was August – a very special NEW faded into my life.

It’s a deeply wonderful story-in-NOTHING that urges me now to sit down and write. To listen to it – and somehow bring it down on paper. Or at least onto my computer screen. Even though I’m not a writer by birthright, nor an English native speaker, nor can I sit down at a computer for more than 2 hours a day since the accident in 2014… However, it seems that the story doesn’t mind all that… It simply wants to be heard and embraced. So it can come out. And with each day I’m doing that, I’m simply speechless about its size, its shape and its interconnected nature…. I won’t give yet anything away about this amazing story and the characters involved. However, today I was asked by the story to describe a theatrical situation in London during these lockdown times… And this here is what came out. Take it as a sketch please! The lines will go through many more corrections….:

‘This is how governments in the world now change the arts, in their dangerous – in parts even unconscious – attempt to destroy the spirits of magic. The mystery of the Lunar Feminine. The Dionysian. The abundant. And of life as such. Dangerously demonizing the magic of touch, deeper physical bonding and connecting. Demonizing and devaluing the ownership of an individual’s felt perception while centralizing the ownership of truth to an outer government. Far away from the individual’s felt perception and inner sense of rightness. Locking up (caging up) Aphrodite’s powers in a house of fear. With the money of the rich providing the safety locks.

In our fear of loosing control over a specific outcome, we cannot touch the grail of freedom.

In our fear of loosing control, we cannot help magic to unfold its powerful wings, surprising us with an unexpected magical outcome and blessing.

In fear the orchestration of our abundant human potential appears dangerously limited.

And we will die. Without having experienced our existence beyond our fears. Without having experienced that we are more than what our fears had predicted.’

(SLH, C-Nov20th2020)

FB Chronik, 11. November 2020

11.11.2020 11.11am – enjoying the wild waves of the NOTHINGNESS island‘s Northern coast… Still immersing with the land… listening to its whispers speak…

FB Chronik, 8. November 2020

I can‘t express in words how sad and heart-broken I feel not to be able to work in my key art this year – and to have lost what I had started to rebuild since 2018… i.e since 2015. On the other hand, there are so many unexpected gifts coming in this year – like from ‚another frequency‘, like guided by Athena‘s hand – and Aphrodite‘s and Aghape‘s and and and.

Which is why, although deeply sad and heart-broken in my heart, I feel in happiness’ heaven all at once. Especially in those moments like last week, when ‚SHE‘ finally made me sit down, listen – and just write. Even though all through my artistic life I’d always made a point that I’m not here to write; that writing is not my real right & key art. Last week it all came with such magical EASE. That I had to surrender and start to believe… that ‚SHE‘ might have other plans for me. Again. This year.

And it‘s such a JOY to watch ‚HER‘ play and create ‚HER’ net of deeper meaning.. for people to be lifted by and into such ‚another frequency’ – and fly. In LOVE. Where NEW BEGINNING is now about to be created.

Thanks for joining in. Even in tears. And a broken heart. TOGETHER we can heal.

(Foto by Jason Swanson, London Wigmore Hall, April 2019)

FB Chronik, 6. November 2020

It is interesting:

If I go outside, the world has changed so drastically – to its most absurd & ugly version with which not even the wildest science fiction comedy could compete.

However, when I turn within, I find the same eternal beauty and abundance in my everyday: The same smell of coffee in the morning, the same rich & fresh air when I open my windows, the same lively, loving presence of the sea, the same beauty in the singing birds, talkative trees – the busy ants.. The same arguing, at times just playful cats, barking dogs, trollish goats… The same fisherman in town shouting his daily ‚καλημέρα καλημέρα!’ into the world. And above all this, I breathe the same magical, senses opening odeur of the land I‘m living on, giving my each and every day its base – from where my creativity can go on: Giving birth to and into seemingly ‚NOTHING‘ each day – so it can culminate to SOMETHING, forming the actual EVERYTHING in the end. The WHAT IS in the moment of ALL THAT IS. Is always abundant. And NOTHING is always full of EVERYTHING.

I‘m so glad and grateful that I’m able to trust this daily constant of sheer beauty – those mirrors of health, deep joy, love & vitality in my life – in a time when the outer world is falling so deeply apart.

Thank you, magical ‘NOTHINGNESS ISLAND‘.

Thank you ‚serenity within‘.

Resilience they call it in psychology.

May ‚SHE‘ be our way.

In all that is NOW to come.

For us to transform.

And leave behind all which we took for granted.

As it is no longer a shared certainty anymore.

FB Chronik, 5. November 2020

The light – and ‚SHE’, Shakti – is within us.

The light – and ‚SHE‘, Shakti – is around us.

Even if we cannot see.

And ‚SHE‘ – ‚Shakti’, ‚Aghapi’, the ‚Lunar-Feminine’, you name ‚HER‘ – is definitely HERE on magic (is-)land.

In the plants, in the ants, the animals – the winds, the rocks, the water & the sea.

Let‘s give ‚HER‘ back ‚HER’ temple.

Let‘s find, see & TOUCH each other in ‚HER‘ name.

Let’s CONNECT beyond the seen. Beyond the noise. Beyond what‘s broken and what has fallen apart.

HERE & NOW in silence.

So ‚SHE‘ can unfold ‚HER‘ wings for us to HEAL

(our deeply irrational, unbalanced, self-destructive rational)…

… and find back to LIGHT even with a deeply broken heart – and without knowing what there is next to come if we commit to just not drifting further apart. And remain, instead, in LOVE with our broken heart.

(Foto by D. Mytikas, Ikaria, April 18th 2016)

FB Chronik, 2. November 2020

An earthquake is a strong somatic experience.

However, a society going into a second lockdown, causing so much anguish to many, is another somatic experience… One I wish I would never have come close to.

Wake up people! This is no longer good, reasonable, nor human anymore!

And maybe we would need to all be shaken by an earthquake – so we would start to FEEL again with our bodies, how much NON-SENSE we currently collectively produce!

FB Chronik, 1. November 2020

Καλό μήνα everyone!!

I’m deeply, deeply touched by our last night’s Blue Fullmoon Gathering & Circle on magic (is-)land. Speechless about ‚HER‘ ways of connecting, ‚speaking’, expressing & unfolding in the moment we surrender and acknowledge ‚HER‘ sacredness. In ourSelves. In the wind. In the moon. In the land.

The earthquake the day before and the ‚after-movements’ (that are still going on) have already been a very profound somatic experience. And our last night‘s fullmoon gathering only added to such depth.

Deeply, deeply magical.

Deeply, deeply magnetic!

And a blissful BIG SILENCE is echoing us now!

Thank you all you special ones, who were called to take part in this magical gathering, for your wondrous co-creation and for following ‚HER‘ call!

FB Chronik, 1. November 2020

Was in erster Linie zählt, ist nicht der Glaube an ‚Gott‘/ die ‚Göttin‘/ das ‚Göttliche‘ – sondern die ERFAHRUNG von ‚Gott‘/ der ‚Göttin‘/ des ‚Göttlichen‘.

Und jetzt, am 1.November, sind diese Welten im ‚NICHTS‘ und ‚Unsichtbaren‘ uns wieder ganz besonders nah. Auch die Verstorbenen.

Sie wollen wir heute SPÜREN!

Mit ihnen wollen wir heute (auch) SEIN.

FB Chronik, 30. Oktober 2020

Die Erde schüttelt immer noch nach… Es ist mein 3. Erdbeben hier in den vergangenen 5 1/2 Jahren. Doch so stark war es noch nie…

Wir dürfen die Erde und ihre Kräfte jetzt noch besser kennenlernen. Let‘s breathe ‚HER‘ in!!

FB Chronik, 30. Oktober 2020

Just now: Most beautiful size of an earthquake here on magic (is-)land! Just strong enough for us to feel ‚HER‘ speak… without bringing danger to anyone! Just a soft (LOVE) sign for us to be remembered on ‚HER‘ powers…

… without ‚HER‘ having to get into louder speech.

FB Chronik, 21. Oktober 2020

Die wundersame, paraphänomene Zauberinsel ‚Ikaria‘ lehrt und zeigt uns…:

… mit der ‚Shakti-Energie‘ wieder zu fliessen – sie nicht mehr in uns zu unterdrücken…

.. was genau in einer Zeit, in der die zu einseitig genutzte Rationalität völlig irrational geworden ist, der Schlüssel zum gesunden und menschenwürdigen (Über-)Leben ist…

… weshalb gerade ‚Ikaria‘ die Utopie für eine bessere Zukunft, bzw die ‚neue Welt’ so grossartig nährt – hier der mögliche Ursprung für das ‚Neue’, bzw das Wiedererwachen des vergessenen ‚Alten’ auf der ‚Spira‘ ist – bzw von hier aus immer mehr Menschen den Weg in ein gesundes, balanciertes Leben finden könnten.

… wie die Rationalität, bzw das männlich-solare Prinzip lernen kann, dem weiblich-lunaren Kreativprinzip, der ‚Shakti’, zu dienen – damit sich letztere entfalten kann.

… wie wir den Weg in unsere Erfüllung & Gesundheit finden, in der aktuell zerfallenden Welt.

FB Chronik, 5.Oktober 2020

Magical, sacred spaces open in the moment we are able to rel-EASE!

FB Chronik, 1. Oktober 2020

καλό μήνα σε όλους!

Μαy we finally realise how far remote we live from our preancient roots – and may we finally (re-)awake, understand and be able to (re-) connect to these preancient roots, ‚codes‘ & teachings (in NOTHING) that will eventually reveal as a deep blessing for ALL – within the (crazy) time we live in.

FB Chronik, 11. September 2020


Ich sitze draussen vor meinem Lieblings-Café an meiner Lieblingsstrasse in Berlin – am freien Ende. Der Tischnachbar links vor mir ist mindestens 2m von mir weg, weil dazwischen auch die Tür zum Café ist. Rechts von mir sitzt niemand mehr. Da ist dann einfach noch die Durchfahrt in den Hof.

Ich drinke meinen Lieblingstee.

Und verschlucke mich dann an diesem Tee, bzw am Teilchen Brot, welches noch vom Toast in meinem Mundraum stecken geblieben ist.

Ich huste in eine Serviette über meine rechte Schulter in Richtung freie Einfahrt von mir weg.

Da bleibt ein Passant vor mir stehen und schaut mich vorwurfsvoll fragend durch seine Hornbrille hindurch an. Ich schaue fragend zurück. Und es schiesst ihm die vorwurfsvolle Frage, wie ein Blitz aus dem Mund: ‚Corona?!!‘

Ich sage: ‚Nein. Nicht Corona. Ich habe mich eben an meinem Tee verschluckt. Nicht alle, die mal husten müssen, haben Corona!‘ …

Da war der Mann schon weg. Ein paar Zeugen dieser Konversation – u.a. der DHL Bote, der grade eben die Strasse überquert hatte – lachen.

In mir hinterlässt diese vorwurfsvolle Frage, der Ton und der schiefe, furchtgetränkte Blick den Weltuntergang.

FB Chronik, 23. Juli 2020

Flight to Zurich NO physical distance to neighbour at all – plane fully stuffed! Can‘t believe how irrational our rational has become!!

FB Chronik, 18. Juli 2020

Wenn jetzt in dieser Lockdown Zeit alle, die noch was HABEN jenen GEBEN, die (vom Lockdown stark getroffen) nicht mehr HABEN – dann HABEN alle genug.

FB Chronik, 4. Juli 2020

Some ‘solar’ comprehension:

1 Kulturmilliarde kompletto für die gesamte Kulturindustrie – 9 Milliarden allein für Lufthansa. Oder mit anderen Worten: 1 Milliarde für die 1.5m Distanz Regulierung und tiefe Störung des Kultursektors. 9 Milliarden für überfüllte Flieger mit Null Körperdistanz zum Sitznachbar. Auch die neo-liberale Lobby-Logik ist eine Logik. Doch die Geschädigten dieser Logik (und es werden immer mehr!!) müssen jetzt immer mehr bluten!

‚Die Fluggesellschaft beschäftigte im vorigen Jahr über 138.000 Menschen und machte über 16,27 Milliarden Euro Umsatz. In der Kulturbranche arbeiten mehr als achtmal so viele Menschen und erwirtschaften einen mehr als zehnmal so hohen Umsatz, besagt der „Monitoringbericht Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft“.‘

(Quelle: Crew United)

FB Chronik, 3. Juli 2020

Different each night.

Different each morning.

View from my balcony.

Over ‚preancient land‘ & phänomenon.

Easy to endure & rest in ‚STANDING STILL‘.

FB Chronik, 15.März 2020

MAGIC EVERYTHING in Athen‘s EMPTINESS deeply touched me today… An experience I will never forget.

What if we would fill such emptiness now with love, bliss & kindness – instead of ongoing satiety, apathy & greed?

Every gesture counts to make such shift now happen! Let‘s not snore & fear away this chance!

FB Chronik, 19. Februar 2020

‚Meine Arbeit & Forschung kann also nur in Räumen vertieft erfahren werden, die dem Wesen des Lunaren Prinzips entsprechen: Performance- & Heilräume, bzw Räume, die ein tieferes somatisches/ seelisches Verbinden unter Menschen möglich machen – so dass das ‚Höhere Selbst‘ (bzw. die ‚Magie-Im-NICHTS‘/ ‚Heilkraft-Im-NICHTS‘/ das ‚Universum‘/ das ‚Göttliche‘/ ‚Heaven-On-Earth’, etc. – you name it!) sich immer besser und leichter durch uns hindurch manifestieren & entfalten kann…..

Zu meiner eigenen Überraschung können wir solche Räume tatsächlich auch über die Medien Film & Internet öffnen – sind vielleicht sogar aufgerufen, dies zu tun.

Und ja… – es geht mir bei der Bewusstseinsarbeit zum ‚NICHTS’ & dem Weiblich-Lunare Prinzip nie um eine Gender Diskussion (ja, ich arbeite auch mit Männern!!), sondern um das Verstehen, dass wir seit dem Durchbruch des Patriarchats – und noch stärker in den letzten 50-100 Jahren das Weiblich-Lunare Kreativprinzip in uns als Menschen (Männer & Frauen) so stark unterdrückt gehalten haben, dass wir jetzt gar nicht mehr wissen, wie es funktioniert – und dass in der ‚Solar-Maskulinen/ Analytischen Überbetonung unseres Daseins die Krankheiten entstehen unter denen wir gegenwärtig leiden – und dass wir, wenn wir in diesem Ungleichgewicht weiter machen, nicht nur den Planeten Erde, sondern in erster Linie uns Menschen selbst zerstören.

Und ja – der einzige Ausweg, um die gegenwärtige menschliche Zerstörungswut auf diesem Planeten aufzuhalten, sehe ich in einem radikalen Paradigmawechsel vom Solaren Kreativprinzip (welches über das Denken funktioniert) hin zum Lunaren Kreativprinzip (welches sich über das Fühlen erschliesst) – und letztlich in einem friedvollen Verbinden beider Prinzipien – im Sinne einer Balance zwischen ‚Yin‘ und ‚Yang‘.‘

However, without learning to face, to trust & to give in into NOTHING(NESS), our minds and bodies won‘t be able to let go of their business and thus will continue to create more and more craziness, suffering, destruction & hurt by a dangerously misused rational – that has turned so awefully irrational!

Blogging Feminine on FB – 2019: Loosing words when gaining (lunar) experience

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FB Chronik, 28. März 2019

We all come and stem from dependent love relationships. That is all we know. And we haven’t worked out just yet how to relate to people and entities in an unconditionally loving way – free to give into the ‘love-in-NOTHING’ and open to abundantly receive.


FB Chronik, 27. März 2019

Creating from a ‘lunar-feminine’ powerbase means to FIRST LEARN TO MANAGE OUR ENERGIES – AND THEN, SECOND, OUR TIME.


FB Chronik, 25. März 2019

Alle Wirklichkeiten sind auch ein Traum.
Und ich finde es so schade, dass die Medien unserer Welt immer nur den einen Traum besprechen – und nicht per se die menschliche Möglichkeit des Träumens unterschiedlicher Träume & Realitäten…


FB Chronik, 3. März 2019

Letting your authenticity (and ‘magic self’) create your life you might wake up one day realising that life has created a version for you that you would never have thought of before… Something even higher and better than what you ever had imagined. At this point you will know how precious it is to let life be your daily surprise!


FB Chronik, 22. Februar 2019

Heilung – und dementsprechend Gesundheit – funktioniert immer über das Hin- und Herschwingen zwischen zwei gegensätzlichen, sich ergänzenden Polaritäten und Prinzipien: zwischen Bewegung und Innehalten, zwischen Fülle und NICHTS, zwischen warm und kalt, Völlerei und Enthaltsamkeit – zwischen dem männlich-solaren und dem weiblich-lunaren Wesensprinzip; zwischen Yin und Yang, zwischen Shakti und Shiva… etc.

Wenn wir diese Polaritäten und ‘Frequenzen’ in uns und um uns herum tanzen lassen – und keine davon unterdrücken, dann kommt die Gesundheit in uns und um uns herum (wieder) ins Schwingen.


FB Chronik, 20. Februar 2019

With the ‘NOTHINGNESS PROCESS’ and my teachings on the ‘lunar-feminine’ (‘magic-magnetic’), I don’t teach you anything new or something you wouldn’t know of already… but something you might have suppressed and blocked out for a very long time (as we all did in our culture – collectively). And it’s now time to remember and to re-awake, re-access and re-empower such ‘other’ powerbase of our human existence. For us to heal. And with us the ‘land’ & planet we live on. It’s time again to breathe. Time to say ‘hi’ and connect. In love.


FB Chronik, 19. Februar 2019

Schicksal der Mystikerin/ Seherin:

‘Hey Leute sorry! Ich kann grad nicht über den ‘Tellerrand’ hinausblicken vor lauter ‘über den Tellerrand hinausblicken’!’ J


FB Chronik, 14. Februar 2019

An information has no meaning unless it is shared. Meaning comes with sharing.


FB Chronik, 13. Februar 2019

Ein Ort ist immer nur so schön, wie wir ihn machen.


FB Chronik, 9. Februar 2019

Maybe independent ‘LOVE SHIPS’ instead of ever dependent relationships?…


FB Chronik, 9. Februar 2019

Es geht nicht darum, schön zu sein – doch darum, Schönheit zu erkennen, wo immer Du Dich aufhälst.

Und es geht darum, aus dem Erleben, Berührt- und Erfülltsein von Schönheit, immer schöner zu handeln.

Damit Schönheit immer mehr Menschen zugänglich wird. Und es uns an nichts mehr fehlt.


FB Chronik, 8. Februar 2019

Energiepotentiale öffnen wir immer gemeinsam. Und es ist weise, in unserer ureigenen individuellen Freiheit zu entscheiden, welche Energiepotentiale wir öffnen wollen. Und welche nicht.

Und wir uns dieser inneren Freiheit entsprechend auch verhalten und verbinden.
So dass Krieg oder Frieden, Hass oder Liebe immer auch unsere persönliche Freiheit und Entscheidung bleibt.


FB Chronik, 2. Februar 2019

Im Leben mit dem Zuviel kennen wir unseren Körper und seine (magischen) Kräfte nicht mehr.


FB Chronik, 1. Februar 2019

We abuse the ‘land’/ our planet not because we want to – but because we don’t want to feel and listen to… where our actions and disconnectedness lead to… We are so scared of the capacity of our souls being triggered in the moment we dare to connect to ‘wanting to FEEL’ – together.


FB Chronik, 31. Januar 2019

Wenn Betrachter und Experiment – so wie dies das neue Denken der Quantenphysik erkennt – nicht getrennt werden können, so bedeutet das, dass es im neuen Denken (nach dem Quantensprung im Denken) wieder um BEZIEHUNG geht!!

Leute, wie spannend ist das denn! Nach einer ‘Endloszeit’ als (in sich selbst verstrickte) Individuen, dürfen wir uns in der ‘Neuen Zeit’ endlich wieder als der unabdingbare Teil von Beziehungen erfahren und erkennen (und als interdependentes Kollektiv) – und damit auch den Quantensprung ins ‘Neue’ in seiner Gestalt ganz bewusst für uns und andere benennen!

Versteht Ihr Leute denn, wie aufregend das ist?!! Lasst uns JETZT beginnen – und uns auf unsere Beziehungen besinnen; zu allem, was uns nährt zurzeit. (Und dem, was uns nicht nährt, eine neue, liebende Beziehung finden…)


FB Chronik, 29. Januar 2019

The only thing we can do in this very moment when rooting our powerbase in the Lunar-Feminine is to ENTIRELY withdraw from the ‘Solar Masculine’ paradigm of thinking. The bridge to the ‘new’ has to be built outside the system.


FB Chronik, 26. Januar 2019

To commune with ‘NOTHING’ and its magic, you need to invent yourSelf anew – by letting go the old and outer, calling inner peace, love, happiness your present stew.


FB Chronik, 26. Januar 2019

The nature of nature is one of abundant happiness.


FB Chronik, 23. Januar 2019

Life is about felt perception. As human beings we are striving for a feeling of happiness in our bodies; in our beautiful experienced presence. Mistakenly we believe to find happiness in our concrete stories. But it’s not. Our stories do not matter to feel happiness in our bodies. As happiness is a feeling and feelings are independet from the course of the concrete story we create. Or in other words – we may create a story to live and experience a particular feeling and lived experience. Not the other way round. Which is why life is about felt perception. And feelings are independent and free – from our will.

So, we better start inviting our feelings in. All of them. Listening to how they are. And what they have to say. So we can eventually make a start to shift them gently – until, one day, we may have a new and different story to tell.


FB Chronik, 16. Januar 2019

Happiness is us following our deepest truth AS MUCH AS letting our deepest truth find us…

while striving less for desire and more for ideal timing.


FB Chronik, 3. Januar 2019

The art is to cruise from spiritual knowledge, listening and insights to non-attachment. And unconditional love.


Blogging Feminine on FB: Nov/ Dec 2018

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FB Chronik, 29. Dezember 2018

Mystery only answers our deeper questions in ‘extended space’ that is created by a radical slowing down to stillness – to a deep down ‘NOTHING’.

However, we often rush too fast over such magic ‘NOTHING’, such ‘margin’ dividing us from the divine, the ‘magic dimension’ of our reality. Thus, we miss to hear such ‘NOTHING’ speak; to hear its answers – or at least to feel our questions… which only ‘NOTHING’ knows how to unfold.



FB Chronik, 28. Dezember 2018

A woman in her Devine Feminine quest has no man next to her – even if she is happily married and/ or in a beautiful, healthy relation- and partnership with a man. In her quest on the Devine the woman is alone.



FB Chronik, 18. Dezember 2018

Die (Heil-)kräfte der Weiblichkeit und des Weiblichen sind weit grösser als es gesund ist, sie auf das Gebären von physischem Leben zu reduzieren.



FB Chronik, 16. Dezember 2018

One of the biggest problems of our time is our hypocrisy and the fact that we are obviously not even aware of it. We have lost the (somatic) connection to our deepest collective core values, ethics, purpose and love – and without knowing, feeling and sensing what they are (and what’s right and wrong on a soul level) we have become pretenders – scared to dive deep enough to humbly meet the true parameters of our existence. And listen to it.



FB Chronik, 14. Dezember 2018

Erst da, wo ich meine Gedanken und ICH-Identifizierung loslasse, kann eine magisch-magnetische Verbindung zwischen mir und der Erde, zwischen mir und dem Himmel, zwischen mir und dem ‘ALLEM-IM-NICHTS’ entstehen – welche mich mit zahlreichen Synchronizitäten und Wundern beschenkt und mir zeigt, in meiner potentiellen Gesundheit, Schaffenskraft und Schönheit wieder gerade zu stehen!



FB Chronik, 11. Dezember 2018

In unserem Leben lernen wir, wie Lebenskräfte abzubauen statt – durch unser an die Gesundheit der Erde gebundenes Leben – aufzubauen sind.

Wer sagt denn, dass die Lebenskraft im Alter schwinden muss? Vielleicht würde sie potenziert, würden wir anders denken, anders handeln, anders leben – und uns ernähren lernen… so wie das jene berühmte Generation in den Bergen des fruchtbaren ikariotischen Insel-NICHTS uns zeigt?



FB Chronik, 9. Dezember 2018

Why is it that our culture never speaks about the one ‘Maria’ who never was a mother (of a famous son), but who knew everything about the ‘other’ – now known as the long forgotten ‘lunar feminine’ realm…



FB Chronik, 7. Dezember 2018

Mindfulness als Lernfach müsste der Freiheit wegen an Schulen obligatorisch sein.



FB Chronik, 30. November 2018

Dort wo Menschen kein Rückgrat haben, müssen sie böse über andere sprechen…



FB Chronik, 22. November 2018

What if I gave NOTHING but my SMILE to this world – and it would be ALL (you need)?



FB Chronik, 15. November 2018

It’s not always easy to let ‘life’ create ‘it’ all for you. Which is why we end up creating by old believes & conditioning instead.



FB Chronik, 12. November 2018

Ikaria is not an idea. It’s an experience. For which you sometimes need to close your eyes, stop your endless thinking and just feel. 💖



FB Chronik, 5. November 2018

Judgement is the result of us not spending enough time with our ’emotional body’.



FB Chronik, 2. November 2018

To me it feels like they were two different elements and universes: The land and the people on the land. Who do not feel as being ON THE LAND, FROM THE LAND and WITH THE LAND.

Thus, do not create with ‘her’. The ‘Magic-In-NOTHING’.



Blogging Feminine on FB: Sept/Okt 2018

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FB Chronik, 31. Oktober 2018

‘She’ -the land- has no voice. But if you look closer you see the hurts. We caused.


FB Chronik, 29. Oktober 2018

The problem of mono culture is that it only knows one way to problem solving and creation. And the problem of Western mono culture is that it killed or suppressed all other cultures that would have had an entirely different approach to life and human existence. To problem solving. And thus to PEACE.



FB Chronik, 27. Oktober 2018

Zum Wohle unserer Sanftheit und unseres inneren Friedens dürfen wir lernen, den Schmerz unter der Wut zu spüren und auszudrücken.

Leider führt uns die heutige Erziehung nicht an diese Nuancen unserer Gefühlswelt – und damit unseres seelischen Powers – heran.

Der westlich zivilisierte Mensch hat gelernt, Gefühle des Schmerzes abzuspalten – statt ihnen im Kollektiv körperlichen und stimmlichen Ausdruck zu geben. Das Resultat kennen wir. Es ist eine rauhe Welt entstanden voller Gewalt und Gier, die die ursprüngliche, dem Menschen innewohnende, Lust ersetzt – ausgrenzt und entgrenzt. Statt sie zu integrieren.



FB Chronik, 26. Oktober 2018

I’m aware, it is not easy for everyone to connect to and understand the philosophy on NOTHINGNESS & on the Lunar-Feminine Principle I’m developing here on ‘pre-ancient’ NOTHINGNESS land and island Ikaria.

What can and should be understood by everyone, however, is that the Western world – in all its present crises – is in desperate need for an antidote to consumerism.

And all I can say for the moment – which is not ready yet for words:

The antidote to consumerism (and our ‘plastic world’) is here. On this sacred magic NOTHINGNESS land & island. At the root spot and birthplace of Europe.

Here, we only need to dig the past 20-30 years away. And it’s all there. All the riches of NOTHINGNESS (re-)appearing – and ‘Her’, the Sacred Feminine speaking through the magic of the Dionysian element that still is reigning the land.

For those of you who come and connect with me here on the (is-)land, you will FEEL it. Hence, you will know – what I am talking about when trying to find words for something that cannot be expressed by words only. But still is. In the moment we experience. In the moment we experience the ‘it’. And with the ‘it’ we dance. We sing. We love. And we CONNECT. Deeply in our truest collective human nature.



FB Chronik, 26. Oktober 2018

‘He is richest who is content with the least’.
(Sokrates on NOTHINGNESS)


FB Chronik, 25. Oktober 2018

I’m deeply sorry. Yes. I’m deeply sorry. For all the sacred we no longer FEEL in ‘plastic world’.



FB Chronik, 21. Oktober 2018

Purpose always lays in the BEING – and not in the DOING! It lays in closing the claim that something is missing. And it lays in you fully becoming present in your heart.



FB Chronik, 20. Oktober 2018

What if we replaced the consumerist term and understanding of ‘OWNING something’ with ‘CARING FOR something’?…



FB Chronik, 20. Oktober 2018

There is something deeply not ok if we can no longer drink the water from the well behind our house – and instead are forced to BUY the water in a SELLING market – until its beauty and its riches are entirely SOLD OUT!



FB Chronik, 12. Oktober 2018

To work with NOTHING – and to co-create MAGIC from NOTHING requires a state of CONNECTEDNESS, VIGILANCE & DEEP INNER JOY.

Values you don’t find on the consumerist market. Which is why I’m saying – the ‘Lunar-Feminine’ as element, value & principle is still excluded – and not included in the laws, logic and intentions of this present world.

Which is also why there is still war.
And not peace.
And no one feels.
Due to disconnection.
From ourSelf and from ALL that once was whole and holy.



FB Chronik, 8. Oktober 2018

Nur das Herz kann die durch unser (rationales) Mangeldenken kreierte Lücke wieder schliessen. Nur das Herz bringt Fülle in jene von uns Menschen geschaffene Tücken-Lücke zurück.



FB Chronik, 8. Oktober 2018


… you either worry about whether you have purchased the correct ingredients for your dinner or your work – and you keep fretting about the prices of the products, the weather, the politics and colleagues….

you greet the cashier and people you encounter warmly – asking them about their week, their day, their joys and needs.



FB Chronik, 8. Oktober 2018

Once you learn how to dive into ‘NOTHING(NESS)’ to find its very riches, you will come to understand that having too many thoughts (or too many confusing emotions) is just one option of your existence. And that you can easily replace those ‘too many thoughts’ (or emotions) with a huge sensual joy for your breathing – for your beautiful breathing presence, the breath of all existence. For the ‘it’ and the ‘the’ – in you, in them, in me and us… and all the magic that evolves from such diving into what many (untouched ones) may still keep calling ‘NOTHING’!



FB Chronik, 30. September 2018

Liegt es in der Natur des Menschseins, dass der (westlich konditionierte) Mensch nie die Krise des Kollektivs, sondern immer erst die individuelle Krise spürt?

Oder ist das eine Frage der Intelligenz? Der ‘somatischen Intelligenz’ möchte ich dazu fügen…

So oder so: wir müssen und dürfen unbedingt wieder ins Spüren zurückfinden. Sonst machen wir nicht nur den Planeten, sondern vor allem uns selber kaputt!



FB Chronik, 23. September 2018

Es ist nicht so, dass ich den anderen ‘brauche’. Und ‘habe’. Es ist nur, dass ich mit ihm/ ihr ‘schwingen’ möchte. Und wir zusammen das ‘Neue’ gestalten. Weil wir ‘schwingen’. Und leben. Im Glück. Das wir teilen. Mit der Welt. Die wir immer nur mit dem anderen bauen. Und den anderen. Indem wir wir. SIND.



FB Chronik, 22. September 2018

Ein Freund sagte mir neulich, in meiner Argumentation gäbe es eine Lücke. Ich sagte, genau in der Lücke läge die Argumentation.


Blogging Feminine on FB: August 2018

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FB Chronik, 25. August 2018

Leben definiert sich durch die Tatsache, dass immer wieder neue Türen aufgehen.



FB Chronik, 17. August 2018

Niemand weiss wie das Leben ist. Und das Leben ist immer so, wie wir SIND – und FÜHLEN.



FB Chronik, 13. August 2018

Es gibt keine Limitierung. Wir sind immer nur die Limitierung unserer selbst.



FB Chronik, 10. August 2018

Das alte Bild von Geben und Nehmen zerbricht und unser kollektives Bewusstsein gegenüber Haben oder Nichthaben ändert sich. Es erwacht allmählich – ganz leise und aus dem NICHTS, aus sich selbst heraus die Kraft, die nicht mehr im Mangeldenken verankert ist, sondern in der Fülle, die die Freude am Teilen erzeugt.



FB Chronik, 8. August 2018

Dionysos’s (Magic Lunar Feminine)’s deepest secret: keep wanting and riding the moment that you are in – until you eventually start to sing – out of sheerest ‘κέφι’!



FB Chronik, 8. August 2018

In Zeiten wenn scheinbar NICHTS mehr geht – geht LIEBE immer.

NICHTS als LIEBE ist das Leben – wenn wir mit und in ihr sind.



FB Chronik, 7. August 2018

‘SHE’, the Magic Feminine as principle is alleged to be back in our culture. But yet in the bonds of consumerist markets – the contemporary landmark of patriarchy culture – labelling ‘HER’ with marketable names to fit the system: ‘The Yin Approach’, ‘Shakti Dancing’, ‘Temple Arts’, ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Heartfulness’, ‘Somatic’, ‘Magnetic’, ‘Intuitive’… to name a few.

Absurdly, we call ‘HER’ by ‘HER’ name, while at the same time ripping ‘HER’ off ‘HER’ intrinsic nature: the art of humble giving and connecting beyond calculating thought.

It’s just another disguise of a millennium old abuse that has found its way to the market. Through us. With us. For the distorted us.

However – we better think twice: if we sell ‘HER’ out again, ‘SHE’ will fail once more to create with us the new we long for.

And – in consequence – we will remain the puppets of an ongoing destructive patriarchy market.



FB Chronik, 7. August 2018

Das NICHTS braucht mindestens einen Beobachter, um materiell zu werden. Schauen wir also drauf, was wird. Und möge es viel Gutes werden.



FB Chronik, 3. August 2018

Kleines Experiment für die Stadt – oder wo immer Du Dich grade aufhälst:

Zähle die Menschen, die einfach nur freundlich sind – und dann jene, die voller Freude und Glück im Herzen Dir begegnen. Dann zähle die, die weder freundlich noch mit Glück im Herzen sind. Was ist das mathematische Verhältnis der drei Gruppen im Vergleich?

Und jetzt erinnere Dich, dass wir nur mit viel Glück im Herzen und mit wahrer Freude im Bauch wirklich was Leben Nährendes bewegen können.

Deshalb lautet meine Frage an Dich zurzeit: was machst Du persönlich für Dein Glück-Freude-Verhältnis in Deinem Körper heut?



FB Chronik, 1. August 2018

Im Moment, in dem wir die Arbeit mit dem ‘NICHTS’ verstehen, wissen wir, dass es nicht mehr um uns und unser abgespaltetes Sein & Denken geht, sondern um unsere Verbindung (in den 99,999999999 % ‘NICHTS’) und um die neue Verantwortung, die sich daraus für uns im Gestalten von Welt und ‘Realität’ ableitet.


Blogging Feminine on FB: July 2018

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FB Chronik, 29. Juli 2018

Die Frage der heutigen Zeit lautet: wieviel arbeite ich für’s ‘System’ und wieviel für das ‘Leben’?

Und weil das ‘System’ immer weniger gemein hat mit dem ‘Leben’, werden aus dieser einen Frage im Erleben oft zwei getrennte Fragen – obwohl sie eigentlich zusammengehören… und in der tieferen Frage nach dem Leben und seinem Sinn immer unzertrennlich sind.



FB Chronik, 24. Juli 2018

In unserer übersättigten Gesellschaft müssen und dürfen wir lernen, Nahrung wieder als Medizin zu verstehen. Sonst werden wir krank. Und leiden weiter an unseren ‚Allergien‘.

Es geht darum, das Fasten wieder neu zu lernen, Nahrung für mehrere Stunden täglich zu entbehren – um ihre Information und Medizin wieder zu verehren. Nicht zu viel zu uns zu nehmen. Nur das, was uns tatsächlich heilt.

Und so den Frieden allmählich wieder nähren – und die Balance – in uns selbst und mit der Welt.

Fülle erleben, statt Ausbeutung durch den auf Mangel konzentrierten Geist.

Es gilt, immer wieder auch dem NICHTS zu gehören – und zu erfahren, wie seine Kraft allein uns heilt.



FB Chronik, 23. Juli 2018

Working with NOTHING, i.e. the ‘Magic-In-NOTHING’, means that you learn to give your love into NOTHING in each and every second, so NOTHING eventually responds and gives you – often unexpectedly – all ‘her’ love back – through synchronicities and wonders.

In such moments you learn: Life is not about plans and making plans – but about creating love. Pure love. Unconditional love. About the love you give into life – into NOTHING – for NOTHING. Free of charge that is and without any expectations on what you might get back in return.

Cause you will get EVERYTHING back in return.
… In the moment you learn to give, you release the ‘stream’.

In the moment you give your love, love will have your back.


Cause NOTHING is love – if you let it in.



FB Chronik, 22. Juli 2018

Das somatische Wissen (und Erleben) darum, dass alles miteinander verbunden ist, schwindet im Moment, in dem ich genau das zu benennen suche. Weil im Wort sich das Wissen vom NICHT-Wissen trennt. Und ich umgehend in der Dualität und nicht mehr in der Einheit mich befinde.



FB Chronik, 11. Juli 2018

Dreams are not the present. Miracles unfold when you are present.

When you are here and now.
Then pray.



FB Chronik, 10. Juli 2018

The question ‘what do I get when I give?’ is rooted in the extremely exploitative mindset of our time and our deeply consumerist conditioning, based on an entirely irrational rational. Such mindset – that meanwhile determines most of our actions – is highly destructive and will always cause disbalance in our bodies, our souls as much as in our environment.

The only way to heal such collective conditioning, misery and disease caused by a bare ratio based mindset is to find back to a culture of GIVING – for the only sake of humble giving – healing our hearts and senses by embracing the mystery of the soft, giving, yet wounded (magic) Feminine.



FB Chronik, 3. Juli 2018

There is always another emotion beneath an emotion. So if you feel an unpleasant emotion, just wait for the pleasant one to arise, to ‘arrive’ and ‘fade in’. Feel the abundance you are blessed with. Breathe it in. And breathe it out. Then act.



FB Chronik, 3. Juli 2018

After some time out, always spend some time in…



FB Chronik, 2. Juli 2018

Beyond words is where we sing, love, dance and pray. Beyond words there is ‘Kefi’!



FB Chronik, 1. Juli 2018

Die Botschaft ist immer HINTER dem, was wir sehen (und sich uns zeigt) zuhause. Im NICHTS also.


Blogging Feminine on FB: June 2018

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FB Chronik, 29. Juni 2018

Truly, there is no real difference between being on holiday and not being on holiday.

Each day has a bit of both.
Depending on your perspective.
Or your shift in perspective.

In the Feminine all is one.
The Feminine’s perspective is non-dual. It embraces ALL, including the Masculine’s dual thinking.

It’s a spiral twist.
Breathing in and breathing out.
Holiday. And non-holiday.

Experiencing the present moment in time. Here. And. Now.

You are.



FB Chronik, 20. Juni 2018

In der Arbeit mit dem NICHTS, das das ALLES ist, geht es immer wieder auch darum, sich mit (dem) NICHTS zu reinigen. Aus jeder Beziehung – selbst aus der allernächsten – immer wieder auszusteigen – und sich mit (dem) NICHTS zu ‚reigen‘ – sich vor dieser Kraft und SELBST-Anbindung zu verneigen. Denn mit letzterer co-kreieren wir. Immer. Und nicht mit den Abbildungen, die das NICHTS in unsere Unbewusstheit säht.



FB Chronik, 18. Juni 2018

The goods we truly need (for our souls) – and long for – are rarely to be found in supermarkets, but more so in the least expected places.

This is why it’s never wise to keep avoiding the unknown – out of fear – only to end up again and again in the one and the same supermarkets daily. Seemingly feeling home. But far away from our ‘temple’. And the love within. That would create the new – for us to begin. So we would start working – finally – from the base of our truest (loving) powers.



FB Chronik, 17. Juni 2018

(medicine island)

healing in nature.
hearing ‘her’ wisdom speak.
through ‘her’.
and ‘me’.

giving in to be healed by ‘her’
while going along
with ‘her’
in awe,
i changed.



FB Chronik, 11. Juni 2018

In den Räumen, die wir für die Liebe öffnen, gibt es nur Gewinner und Gewinnerinnen.


Blogging Feminine on FB: April-Mai 2018

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FB Chronik, 24. Mai 2018

We live in paradise.

And seemingly don’t realise… so we destroy the -ise.



FB Chronik, 23. Mai 2018

What more do you need – with your heart filled with love – in the moment your bare feet finally experience the sheer bliss of simply touching ground!



FB Chronik, 16. Mai 2018

Die Freundlichkeit ist es, glaube ich (und mit ihr die Liebe), die – wenn sie uns täglich wie von NICHTS aus dem Herzen purzelt – die Welt verändert.



FB Chronik, 9. Mai 2018

Das Weibliche Prinzip ist ein co-kreierendes Prinzip. Es kennt nur die Verbindung, nicht die Trennung und die Abgrenzung. Es sieht nur Fülle, nie den Mangel; erregt sich am Potential, nicht am Ungenügen. Das Weibliche Prinzip ist inklusiv, nicht exklusiv – und steht damit immer ausser Konkurrenz…

… und ganz besonders dann, wenn die Menschen (und Frauen) des Westens wieder miteinander zu fühlen und empfinden lernen – würden…



FB Chronik, 9. Mai 2018

Wenn die Zeit verfliesst, verfliesse mit ihr. Bis Du am neuen Ort ankommst. Und Dich da neu ordnest.



FB Chronik, 8. Mai 2018

How much I love those days when my mood has no chance to compete with the beauty of the weather outside – and gets an immediate uplift, even before reflection.



FB Chronik, 2. Mai 2018

‚Magisch-magnetisch‘ heisst auch: Was du dir von Herzen wünscht, wünscht sich dich!

Im Moment, an dem wir mit dem Herzen zu gestalten lernen, entfaltet sich vor unseren Augen und in uns selbst eine neue Welt.

Auch indem wir lernen, unsere wahren Bedürfnisse von den falschen zu trennen und unsere innersten Wünsche wiedererkennen, entfaltet sich dieses wundersame Wunsch-zu-Herz-Prinzip.



FB Chronik, 30. April 2018

‘Der Zustand der Welt ist abhängig von der Beziehung des Einzelnen zu sich selbst.´

(Sören Kierkegaard)


FB Chronik, 9. April 2018

Ein Traum ist niemals planbar – doch immer begehbar. Deshalb ja! LEBE und LIEBE Deinen Traum! In ihm geborgen, bist Du Du. Bist Du wahr.



FB Chronik, 9. April 2018

Always thank those who get on your nerves. They, too, show you YOUR way.



FB Chronik, 7. April 2018

Ach ist das schön, einen Baum zu umarmen!

Und ich frage mich, warum ich das – jetzt wo ich in der Natur doch lebe – immer noch nicht täglich tu’?

Der somatisch-magnetische Raum öffnet sich uns Geistbestimmten immer nur allmählich.

Denn: ‘Wieso,’ fragt der schnelle Geist uns erst, ‘soll ich einen Baum umarmen?!’ Und bringt sich allein mit dieser Frage einmal mehr um das magisch-magnetische Erleben; die magisch-sinnliche Erfahrung mit dem Körperlichen, dem Weiblichen, dem Ungetrenntsein – und der Erde… welche das gesprochene Wort oft ungern findet…

… und rast weiter im Hamsterrad der selbstgeschaffenen Zeit….


Blogging Feminine on FB: Feb-March 2018

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FB Chronik, 30. März 2018


Today I was DOING NOTHING – but WALKING in order to keep my NOTHINGNESS and its magic (healing) flow alive.

There is so much misconception about DOING NOTHING in our achievment-oriented culture, negating the transformative powers it could evoke in the moment we learnt to properly ENGAGE with NOTHING. To give in to NOTHING. AWAKE!

Of course, NOTHING is magic when you remain asleep! So you’d better wake up and get your NOTHINGNESS going! Or as Goethe used to say: ‘The moment one definitely commits oneself… providence moves too.’

However, you do have to commit. And move. Awake. Alive. With NOTHING. In NOTHING. So MAGIC-In-NOTHING starts moving you, too!



FB Chronik, 29. März 2018

Nach dem Weiblichen Prinzip führen, heisst auch zu warten bis Dein Gegenüber, das was Du schon weisst, selber erkennt.



FB Chronik, 26. März 2018

Lernschritte zum ‚magisch-magnetischen‘ Kreieren (dem ‘Manifestieren’ mit dem Weiblichen Prinzip):

Lernschritt 1: verstehen lernen, dass wir in jeder Sekunde, das Geistige ins Körperliche hinein manifestieren. Zum Geistigen gehören alle Gedanken und Gefühle – insbesondere auch die unbewussten.

Lernschritt 2: ist das Bewusstwerden über all die persönlichen Gedanken- und Gefühlsmuster, die sich immer wieder erneut – auch im körperlich/ materiell Erlebbaren – abbilden.

Lernschritt 3: ist das Erfühlen, Erspüren und Erdenken weiterer Potentiale, welche sich bis dato noch nicht verkörpert/ materialisiert haben. Sie sind alle schon da. Und das Wissen darüber, bzw. das Spüren dessen, was schon da ist – die 99,999999999 % NICHTS im Verhältnis zu den 0,000000001% sichtbarer Materie also – ist der Schlüssel zum magisch-magnetischen Kreieren und ‘Manifestieren’. Im Erspüren der 99,99999999 % NICHTS, bzw. der noch nicht manifest geworden Potentiale, werden wir umgehend die ersten gefühlten ‘Wunder’ erleben, bzw. wird uns unsere ureigene magisch-magnetische Gestaltkraft überraschen.

Lernschritt 4: ist die vollumfängliche Hingabe an das NICHTS, das NICHT-Kalkulieren, das NICHT-Erwarten – an das ‘Es’ & ‘Höhere Selbst’ (bzw die ‘Magie-Im-NICHTS’) – in Liebe. Letztere durch uns hindurch gestalten lassen. Bis das ‘Andere’, jenseits unseres angstvollen, konditionierten Geistes, entsteht.


An jenem Punkt werden wir dann das gefühlt wahre Potential unseres menschlichen Daseins erfahren. Werden wir vielleicht etwas weniger häufig über unseren weiter dahinquasselnden konditionierten Geist stolpern – und die 99,999999999% NICHTS stattdessen immer besser vernehmen. Und mit letzteren dann vielleicht gar unser eigentliches Potential erschliessen – als Menschen, die wir im Eigentlichen dann doch alle ‘ZaubererInnen’ und vor allem Liebende sind. Und damit Co-Kreierende.



FB Chronik, 25. März 2018

Stell Dir vor, die gesamte menschliche Intelligenz würde ausschliesslich für die Liebe und den Frieden eingesetzt, statt für Krieg, Streit und persönlichen Macht- und Statusgewinn!

Stell Dir vor, auch Du nutztest alle Deine Intelligenz für die Liebe, statt für Deinen persönlichen Macht- und Status-(Image)Gewinn!

Diese unsere aller neue Macht würde Dir und mir sehr gut stehen! Und die Herzen der Menschen um uns herum mit Flügeln ‚aufrüsten‘.



FB Chronik, 24. März 2018


Die Arbeit mit dem NICHTS und seiner ‘Logik’ widerspricht unserer männlich-rationalen Konditionierung so sehr, dass ich oft genau dann, wenn ich mich über mein eigenes ‚Zeit-Verplempern‘ nerve, feststelle, dass das NICHTS durch mich hindurch grad wieder Wundervolles schöpft; und obwohl ich NICHTS von meiner rationalen Agenda erledigt kriege, Dinge sich plötzlich wieder ohne mein Zutun ergeben – und geschehen.



FB Chronik, 22. März 2018

Once in NOTHING, you have to clean and clear it daily – allowing magic to unfold. Out of sacred space.



FB Chronik, 21. März 2018


Creating magic is a co-creative enterprise. You never create magic for yourself – but always for others – too. Because the ‘other’ is YOU.

Magic is a ‘collective field’, bringing realities to life. It’s not an entity you possess.

So please, help creating magic! Invite it to our world. With me. With her. With him. And you.

Cause magic IS you.

If YOU are in, I am in. With you – and you. And you. And you.

So it’s us being ‘in’. Co-creating. And triggering the magnetic ‘void’. For you. For me. And you and you.

If you fall out of such ‘field’ and ‘void’ we’ve been co-creating, I’m endangered to drop out, too. With you, with him, with you and you.

Facing again the merely rational. Loosing magic. Loosing mystery. And loosing all what’s in – in beautiful magic NOTHING.

With him. With her. With you. And you.

And the miracles cease to unfold.

No magic left. No circle. No love. No NOTHING. For us to begin.

Until you spare from dropping and instead you start again – engaging.

(SLH/ RCIk, NOTHINGNESS PROCESS/ secrets of creating magic)


FB Chronik, 15. März 2018

Das Geldsystem unserer Welt in seiner vordergründig rationalen Struktur ist mittlerweile völlig irrational und zerstörerisch geworden. Es ist rational irrational entartet. Und dieser Irrationalität einer vordergründigen Rationalität müssten wir nun unbedingt ganz rational die Schranken weisen, damit das Ausmass dieser Zerstörungslogik nicht mehr noch viel grösser und noch irrationaler wird.



FB Chronik, 12. März 2018

Das Erleben der konkreten ‘Magie-Im- NICHTS’, bzw das magisch-magnetische Kreieren von Welt, verlangt nicht nur nach dem NICHTS-Tun, sondern in erster Linie nach einem absichtsfreien Tun. Es erfordert die Fähigkeit des absichtsfreien Sich-Verschenkens an etwas – ganz losgelöst und ungebunden von einem errechneten Nutzen und Zweck. Dieses Sich-Verschenken an das NICHTS setzt dann jene magisch-magnetischen Kräfte frei, die uns – im Moment, in dem wir dieses (weiblich-somatische) Prinzip verstehen – auch heilen.



FB Chronik, 24. Februar 2018

Nur weil ich die gefühlte Not kenne, weiss ich, was Fülle ist. Und was die Fülle der Not ist. (Und die Fülle ‘hinter’ der Not.) Und die Not der Fülle.

Nur weil ich kenne, weiss ich.
Dass alles eins ist.
Und wir über die gefühlte Dualität immer auch Non-Dualität erschliessen.

Das Alles-Im-NICHTS.

Unser wahres Sein.
Das Wahr- und das Wahrhaftigsein.

Sich die Fülle genau darin ergiesst.



FB Chronik, 20. Februar 2018

Mehr vermögen meine Worte nicht beschreiben. Aber das Erlebnis, das ein Wunder zeichnet, trag’ ich tief in mir.



FB Chronik, 20. Februar 2018


A theft happened with a parcel I sent in love to my love and with my favourite angel on the postcard. Upset about the loss I questioned why the angel on the card did not protect my sending.

‘Because it’s us, my love, WE have to protect our angels’, the love through my love lovingly responded.



FB Chronik, 19. Februar 2018

Wenn ich darüber spreche, entschwindet es.
Wenn ich es umarme, bleibt es hier.

Magie – sein Name – das sind wir.



FB Chronik, 10. Februar 2018

To love (also) is…
…to consistently speak to someone’s heart rather than his/ her rational.

With gestures as much as with words that is.



FB Chronik, 5. Februar 2018

Unter, hinter und über jeder Deiner Bewertung ist die Liebe. Lass Deine Bewertung los, dann bist Du drin in ihr. Und sie kann Dich erheben.

Im Kleinen, wie im Grossen.



FB Chronik, 4. Februar 2018

Love is always as big as you allow it to be.